the flight wobbles but Firestorm gives great satisfaction…

Firestorm crashes for me several times a session.
Firestorm sometimes does not have a working camera, no saving snapshots.
Firestorm will crash after camming around a few minutes.
Firestorm’s newest (Nov 28, 2011) seems to increase these troubles.

I love Firestorm.

In the visual sense, snapshots, interaction with windlights, shadows, and building your own windlights is ‘tops’ in my list of things I’m doing in Caledon. When I go to parties, I’m shooting pictures and if I get a good one, it goes up on Flickr. (see my Flickr links at right or the masthead image of Port Caledon above.)

Firestorm comes with an extensive list of pre-made custom windlights. LL changed the code basis of building and working custom windlights. Firestorm needs to give us a working UI upgrade that puts us back where we were in terms of easy custom day cycles and etc.

When not at parties, I should be building. The options and build tools are tops. The copy paste (coords, sizes, rotations) cuts my build times in half.

Firestorm build tools are superb.
Firestorm interface is highly adaptable.
Firestorm inventory does not ‘jump’ every time you get a notice or pop-up. When you ‘filter’ for an item, find a folder, and then release the filter so you can manage pieces in the folder, Firestorm does not slide the list back to the top of inventory… it keeps your highlight. It helps you work as builder or fashionista.

Firestorm is fast. (Not as fast as Singularity, not as stable as Phoenix, not as solid as Kirsten’s….)
Firestorm is mesh. This isn’t that important to me….however, it is nice to see folks wearing what THEY think they are wearing.

Phoenix also does most of what I’ve listed above. I’ll be using Phoenix for the near future, because two or three crashes at one small event is more than I have patience for right now.

No camera to take pictures of friends?
More than I have patience for right now.

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