Classic Art

Hey, don’t have time to go see art museums?

Now you do. Come over to Port Caledon.

can never have too much art

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Don’t make it a war between classic and mesh products

So I assure you this is not a rant.

I’ll continue to visit SL and shop and go to events. Consider this an observation and some advice from a long time user/customer.

Don’t make it hard for Classic Avatars to find product, or be able to tell your product is backward compatible with system layers included.


Seller, you’ve gone to all the work of making fab textures, make it clear on your ads and vendors what I’m buying. If you don’t want to support Classic Avatars, ok. Sometimes the system layers and/or alphas are in there, but you have not made a point of saying so on your vendor. You should.

The mesh makers are quite clear about which mesh bodies they are supporting.

We need the same clarity on tattoos, gowns, makeups, etc.


And hopefully, tattoo and makeup makers will be more clear when they are NOT going to make the new products backward compatible to tattoo layers.

Have a great SL experience!


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Kimono, Spirits, and Masks, o my!

So in case it is not clear, I’m a big fan of Asian design tropes.

And I’m providing a link to the ongoing little Spirit Fest (Asian horror) with a lot of nice shopping offers and perhaps other surprises.  UBUME x ORIGAMI

An inspiring build for taking pictures as well.



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Bustin’ makes me feel good…

When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood… who ya gonna call?

Loved the new Ghostbusters 2016 movie. Intelligent. Funny. Sassy. With genuine femme comedy.

Most of my comments would be


or this

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Hair Fair in full swing and a delight

So Hair Fair is better than ever. Why?

Colors. Shapes. Exotics. Broader range of Designs. Makers that are new to me! Some veteran makers doing NEW styles and colors!

It is also a well designed sim event. Now that Relay RFL2016 draws down, it is worth exploring the sims here. There are three sims of hair, two sims of ‘cam shopping’ and if you belong to the Hair Fair group, you can find demos of all makers in the past notices if you get on it right away.

I’ve already found many more gifts, new hair styles, and pleasant surprises than I recall from the past couple of years. Some of the gifts are very nice.

Oh, and if you want a snazzy bandana, the charity here is Wigs For Kids. Go grab a stylish head cover. Each sim has a building for low-price bandanas. (I grabbed a sweet turban!)

Lots of the makers are donating proceeds from the sales straight to the charity. It’s a win win win adventure.

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