WE <3 RP – Shopping Guide for August!

Miss D Ember:

We Love RP, new location, 94 creators!!!

Originally posted on The Blogging Elf:

Hey guys!

The new sim is coming along soooo awesomely and this round, no less than 94 creators came up with awesome things for you to shop at WE <3 RP! :) The event will open on August 4th at 3 pm slt, just like always. Please don’t forget to check back for more previews to be added VERY soon as they come in. At the very bottom of this gallery you will always find a map of the layout of the event for you, for much easier orientation! :)

The two premium designers for this round are !gO! and Empyrean Forge! :)

Map 3rd August 2015

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Should we worry that outsiders associate Second Life with adult content? Google says: No, because they don’t

Miss D Ember:

Wow, this is worth reading. SL reputation searches done by a RL pro.

Originally posted on Canary Beck:

Understandably, long-term residents that invest time, energy, money & hopes into the Second Life platform don’t like it when the media associate Second Life with negativity or fringe interests that might misrepresent how they see the virtual world. Our umbrage escalates to outrage, when this negativity – and the misconceptions that breed it – are seemingly perpetuated (and some might say “regurgitated”) by Second Life residents themselves – who ‘should know better’.

If you’re concerned about Second Life’s reputation, my aim in writing this post is to assuage your anxieties. I’ll do this by showing that the world at large does not share the view that many Second Life residents assume is held by outsiders. Furthermore, I’ll offer some reasons why we think it does have this perception.

Perceived negative associations dampen word of mouth

Why does this matter? Because I believe that one of the things that dampens the growth of Second Life (and there are several – mainly…

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What does your Second Life profile say about you?

Miss D Ember:

What does your profile say about you? Did you put something upbeat there? Are you complaining about other avatars? Did you list your pet peeves? Or are you telling the world ‘no sex please!’ as if that is what everyone else is thinking about?


Originally posted on Canary Beck:

Like nearly everything else I do, I created my Second Life profile with a goal in mind. I have a ‘target market’. I’ve crafted my profile to appeal to people who like to do and talk about the things we might be mutually interested in.

It works. My profile acts as ‘chat-bait’, and strangers will often start conversations with: “You have a very interesting profile” or “You seem to do a lot of things in Second Life!” Typically, I enjoy those conversations even if they’re fleeting. Some of these conversation starters become longer-term acquaintances and friends.

My profile (including all my tabs) is comprehensive, professional, up to date, and a good place for me to share my interests and the projects I get up to. If I had to classify it, it’d be a bit more like a CV (Curriculum Vitae, or résumé), than say, a casual social media profile. I don’t expect everyone to write their profile…

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Sense8, the wow of television, from NETflix

Great article from TOR.com on the Sense8 show.

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Thoughts on Caledon’s 9th Year and Life in a Virtual Micro-Nation

Miss D Ember:

Hey, check out the cheeky history of Caledon from Aev!

Originally posted on The Virtual Educator:

Nine years ago today, a rather geeky avatar with the name of Desmond Shang officially opened a sim called Caledon with much frivolity and festivities. It was different from other areas of Second Life, Victorian steampunk in design with a covenant to keep it in theme and apart from the hodge podge and patchworked chaos that typified much of the grid at that time. The sim filled quickly and a waiting list formed. Soon there were more sims and a micronation was born with “Guv’nah Shang” as its land baron leader. The rest is virtual history as they say.

I wasn’t around in those early days. I discovered Caledon sometime in the fall of 2008. It was so vast, I immediately misplaced myself but in doing so, fell in love with the community, the theme, the builds, the ingenuity–you name it, I was utterly enchanted. When my initial home sim in SL…

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