Dimmie at Caledon National Museum

It was a fun exhibit. Many thanks to all involved.

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

National Museum of Caledon

The National Museum of Caledon is a venue for art featuring monthly exhibitions and a chance to wander and relax in the neighbouring gardens.

Curated by Star (astarynite), the museum is a grand building in a neo-classical style, well suited to the Caledon environs, sitting with its back to the water, a trellised patio to one side where patrons can relax and enjoy the view over the gardens and appreciate the grand folly topped by a slowly revolving globe of the Earth. Or, should visitors be inclined, there is a short climb to a raised garden where the mind can wander whilst playing the harp.

National Museum of Caledon: Darlingmonster Ember

To my shame, I arrived at the museum towards the end of the current exhibition – I believe each runs through the months from start to close the end – because the current display…

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Guardian blog fashion

Source: Guardian

love, love, love how organized and creative her blog posts are…

lessons to be learned by many fashion bloggers

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Steffy Ghost’s Work of Art

So Whiskey is doing a new blog with SL Houses… I think you will find it wondrous.


A side note to you, dear reader, as this new blog finds its final shape and form:

I love the way Second Life looks. SL has a quirky, real-but-unreal quality to it and I’m not trying to change that in my photos. I like for my photos, both here and my more personal pieces, to look like Second Life. There are photographers who, through clever use of windlight and filters, can make SL look just like RL – and those are lovely, too. But they’re not my taste nor my style. You won’t find ultra-realism here. You’ll find Second Life as it looks through my viewer, which is exactly how I like to see it. I hope you enjoy it, as well.

Now, on to Steffy’s place.

View full size photos in all of their glory at the end of this post. 


I’m a writer, so I think of…

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Winter Solstice, Mystic Realm

Hey, time to climb back on the horse.

A magical time of year, first snow, cheery fireplaces, and cuddling close with another warm sentient.

Some of the best mashup fantasy designs I’ve seen lately, plus breath-taking sim build, PLUS inventive new product ideas, PLUS PLUS some cute outfits are all at the Winter Solstice event.

Consult the map, as the arrangement of the vendor squares is a bit dizzy with the wonderful starfield overhead, the build mix of organic ice with glowing transparency and glittering stars is magnificent and not to be missed.

Shop with all your settings down low, but certainly find a quiet time to take pictures with all the settings up to high def.

And merry holidays.

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no words

I hope I get my breath back. Please accept my absence as I manage my sorrow.

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