Caught in Eternal Suspense

Miss D Ember:

17772687486_7279bb1b10_kReally interesting sense of space.

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:

The Eternal Suspense, Giovanna Cerise - LEA 21The Eternal Suspense, Giovanna Cerise – LEA 21

The Eternal Suspense is the title of Giovanna Cercise’s latest full region installation now open at the Linden endowment for the Arts, as a part of the 8th round of the Artist in Residence programme.

A complex piece mixing geometrical forms with human elements, the installation extends several hundred metres into the air, encompassing a number of distinct levels. Within the lattices and sphere which give a sense of order to the the build, there is also an element of disorder: human figures rising from the lowest platform, climbing the lattices upwards into the sky, stretching up towards a white figure crouched at the highest level.

The Eternal Suspense, Giovanna Cerise - LEA 21The Eternal Suspense, Giovanna Cerise – LEA 21

Giovanna has taken as her theme the Apollonian and Dionysian philosophical dichotomy, perhaps most famously expounded within Friedrich Nietzsche in his 1871 study, The Birth of…

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Not dead… still wondrous.


Some interesting reporting on the continuing upside of Second Life art, from one of my fav web pages.

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Living in a Second Life Bowl full of Perverted Monkey Sex

Miss D Ember:

Woot! Honour posts the best LOL addendum to an article I will link here next five minutes. But read this one first!

Originally posted on Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life):

Life in a Bowl by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica Ghost’s latest beautiful creation is Life in a Bowl. Residents of a tropical island have placed sea creatures in giant aquariums – within sight of the ocean, which seems unnecessarily rude.

The good news for them is that the build is temporary and I’m sure they’ll be released back into the wild soon. I hope!

OK I’m going to stick my nose partway into the latest SL drama. One aspect of it has, over the years, made me very curious.

It all started when Eric Grundhauser wrote a wonderful article about Second Life on Atlas Obscura. He expected ” to find a dying world of outsiders and bronies gleefully recreating pornographic impossibilities”. What he found instead, thanks to the guidance of Ziki Questi, was “a fascinating and vital world that is constantly changing and pushing the…

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Memorial to a Joyful Soul

Though I have a handful of things to dodge, I think I’ll be attending Soleil’s memorial tonight. Everything below is gathered from the Radio Riel entries for Soliel.

Name: Soliel Snook, misspelled by the typist in error at birth and pronounced (so LEEL) not the French pronunciation. Known to friends and acquaintances as Soliel, Snooks or Sol. Any of these works!! Marchioness of Giggleford.

SL Rez Day: 12 May 2007

Occupation: Radio Riel Presenter, Co-convener of the Early Birds’ Social Club, Proud co– Owner and Creator of Giverny — Sole proprietor of Snook’s Garden Centres, Giverny, Morgaine, Portland, Oak Tree, New Toulouse and Ischia. Landscaper, artist and content creator.

Music: WOW, well that’s a tall order! Baroque, Romantic 19th Century composers, World Music, Celtic, Folk, 30’s 40’s,50’s 60’s 70’s and forward, Blue Grass, Country & /Western, acoustic, Cajun, Jazz and.. *BLUES* Current favs include: Salsa Celtica, Julie Foulis, KT Tunstall, Eddi Reader (Scots, all of em), also Tex-mex border music, and ANY THING with rhythm.

Haunts: Giverny and Huckleberry– Mesquite Burl Heavy Industries
SL Interests: Radio Riel events, Gardening, particles, scriptin’, organizing, creating content with beauty and grace.

RL Interests: Gardening, Reading, Textile Art and Norfolk Terriers.

Favourite Quote: ‘We do the best we can and when we know better we do better’ Maya Angelo

And I will leave you with this:

“Silently, one by one in the infinite meadows of Heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the Forget-me-nots of Angels” — Longfellow

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10 Reasons why Sansar would be a good name for the successor to Second Life

Miss D Ember:

“It’s exotic, likable and visually extendable. In other words, it suggests a visual interpretation of an exotic holiday destination full of palm treed tropical islands (hey, if it’s going to look like Second Life at all, how apt!) so it would be a field day for creative execution.”

I think the idea that the new platform would have a nod to International Imagination is a grand thing.

Originally posted on Canary Beck:

Most of us have heard of Linden Lab’s Project Sansar, the confirmed codename for the next generation virtual world they will begin alpha testing later this year. Some have shown their disapproval for the name, even as a temporary working title.

I see it differently.

A code name for a project is temporary by nature – so it really isn’t anything to get too fussed about. Still, one could argue that a codename / project name can telegraph the thinking going on within the walls of 945 Battery Street. The name is unlikely to stick, but what if it did?

I think it would work, and here is why:

  1. It’s unique. Apart from being the name of an 19th century Indian ruler and a few unremarkable films, the name is relatively unknown.
  2. The dot-com TLD looks easy to acquire. Linden Lab may not yet own the top-level domain, but the current owner is a company called VIXII Domain Holdings

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