RP casting

introduction information for the casual reader….

The Protagonist, Miss Darlingmonster Ember, fae, and Steamgrid exotic traveler

Dark of figure, bright of hair,
Quick with chatter, compelling stare,
Mild and mannered, but wild of Dance,
Loves the skies, & airship Chance.

Nothing is reliably known about Miss Darlingmonster Ember but that she has a house in Port Caledon and likes to dance. Rumor has it she may be building anbaric airborne oddities and gadgets. Miss Ember emigrated to Caledon in January of ’08. She purchased land shortly thereafter and has traveled the Steamlands quite a bit since then. Even laden down with building materials and anbaric goggles, she always takes time to chat.

(fair warning, per the above, I am always a character, but not often doing roleplay these days….)
and her Associates:

  • M Solace Fairlady: half-fae, Winterfell Blade and mysterious exotic friend
  • M Autopilot Patty: wise Dame of Caledon and mentor to M Ember
  • M Random Wezzog: elegant Duchess of Inish, shopping partner
  • Prince Telling: Minister of Prims, Inish
  • M AV Parabola: Duke of Caledon, patron and scientist
  • M Wrath Constantine: Duke of Middlesea, airship inventor/builder and privateer with Letters of Marque
  • M Jorge Serapis: bon vivant, airship entrepreneur, architect and all-around awesome creative friend
  • Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and Baronin Zantabraxus: royal patrons of the Steamgrid Arts

Other Dramatic Persons Known and Unknown (characters even more out-of-date than the above, SL changes a lot):

  • M Mavromichali Szondi, jaeger, fabrications wizard and creative friend
  • M Ambiant Kukulcan: an important businessman of Port Caledon
  • M Peter Veliz: an important businessman of Port Caledon
  • The Stalker: some Unknown Opponent from the Fae High Court (a far place that M Ember quit long ago in her mysterious past)
  • M Onyx Plutonian: A gentleman lender and half-demon with aspects of a white tigerman, (missing now and considered legally deceased)
  • M Gordon Soliel: M Plutonian’s former personal maid (now a doll construct) and former maid to M Ember
  • M Merricks: M Plutonian’s former personal secretary and a black pantherwoman
  • M Wendyslippers Charisma: employed by M Plutonian for trans-morphing his subordinates into dolls! Heavens!
  • Dame Sans Merci: a mysterious priestess Fae employed by M Plutonian to officially marry him to Miss Puddlegum
  • M Palabra Puddlegum: a young aristo of Caledon, impoverished and orphaned, but of good family
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