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LL keeps updating the performance of the baseline viewer

Features on the way soon (from Inara Pey):

Also mentioned in the post is the new Notifications RC viewer and the Quick Graphics viewer, both of which are both available as release candidate viewers. The former provides a new front-end for handling incoming notifications (and which I previewed here). The latter provides both the new Avatar Complexity functionality (which replaces the old ARC / ADW) and the abilities to create, save and quickly re-use sets of your own graphics presets for use in different environments and settings. Again, I’ve previewed both of these here and here.

The notifications viewer offers a new way of managing notifications and is featured in the Lab's blog post

The Quick Graphics viewer allows you to create and save your own graphics presets to suit different requirement,s and which can be quickly loaded and used with just a couple of mouse clicks

The exciting part of this to me is the saved ‘Graphic Presets’ for altering your settings to deal with performance.

You’re flying across Caledon. You want long draw distance.
You’re at a dance, you want short draw distance and lots of avatars rendered.
You’re indoors, you don’t need shadows.
You’re taking portraits or landscape pictures, you want all shaders, lights, and shadows. You probably do not need lots of avatars rendered.

All these things impact your computer’s workload a great deal. They impact the fun of your experience.

Also included in these changes will be updates to Avatar Complexity and settings you can choose to put special conditions on very lag inducing avatars. All those events you like to browse where 40 plus AVs are wearing jewels, wings, particles, and five layers of mesh? Maybe you just don’t need to see the most complex AVs except as a colored cartoon blob that you can walk around.

Stay perky, readers.

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Relay For Life 2014, done and fabulous

So last year I posted that there were some very broken things about the symbol and expression of community in the Relay For Life track events of Second Life.

Sunday morning, finding many emails inviting me to come and look around RFL 2014, I popped into Caledon’s camp. I also walked the track and enjoyed the many builds. You may like to catch them now before they are taken down Wednesday, July 23.

On this early Sunday morning, I found a transformed experience that reminded me of the 2008 RFL. Only later Sunday, I learned that several changes had been made to the track rules that created the very civil and energetic place I remembered from 2008.

  • No laps beyond 30. (or your name disappears from the list)
  • No vehicles, no speed enhancements, this written into the information card handed out with the freebies.
  • Web record of everyone’s times and laps easily accessed from the main page, grouped in ‘three categories’ for easy community access.

Color me grateful and impressed. These changes restore my excitement about the event and the track community. While speed scripts have never been permitted, the abuse was rampant in 2013 and now, it is back down to only the most insensitive ‘ego avatars’.

Go see the builds. Marvel at the dedication. Donate $$$ to kick cancer’s ass.

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Mine! Mine! All Mine: monday meme challenge!

Linking from Strawberry’s Monday Meme:

Will you be saying goodbye to Second Life? Or just goodbye to creating content?

Or is it much ado about nothing? “Life goes on… stop with the drama why don’t you?”

Now, before I start with the questions, let me offer a few links that have a lot of information:

Now that you have taken a look at some of those links and caught up on what’s been going on about the TOS controversy, here are some questions to answer:

  1. Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept? Nope. I will read summaries. I will go look at what folks are saying about the changes. Then I’ll follow links so that I get a few points of view about the matter. I’ve spent hours reading through commentary from folks who have a better understanding of the legal aspects than I do.
  2. How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3.  It changes my relationship with the LL company.  It places me in a position of confusion about creating content.  My confidence, my muse to create, is stymied by the lack of response and additional information from LL.  I assume that lack of “damage control” means lack of resources to respond or a “say nothing it will only get worse” approach.  However, this response does nothing to counter my confusion or make me want to add content to SL.  So I’m keeping the social side of my SL and dropping the creation side of it.
  3. Do the changes affect you directly? Yes, directly. It changes my attitude about spending time and money on SL. I’m scaling back a bit.
  4. What do you think people should do about this new change? I’m already wary enough about TOS and most online services that I rarely use my real name anywhere.  I try to minimize information handed over to faceless organizations. However, you really can’t avoid it if you rely on services like Amazon or Email providers.  So where my hobby life or online social life is concerned, I try to be extra careful.  Now SL falls into the same “bag” as Facebook: an online service that has no respect for its clients and can spin into a new ‘posture’ with all your hours of content.  TOS changes without notice or regard for individuals.  Security of information is questionable. Security of my copyright material is thin.
  5. Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did? My the time does fly. I’ve put over five years into SL. Many folks have been here from the beginning, and I’ve seen lately that some come back, poking their head in the ‘window’ to look around or say ‘hi’.  The social energy of SL is still there.  I’m very happy with the tech side of SL (spending money on my computer often enough to keep it trim, to keep it current) and I think the overall strategies of the company to make things easier for Users is great.   And yet…  I am a creator.  It is not just spending time with the people of the Steamgrid and SL world that keeps me intrigued in SL. The idea that LL is ham-handed on occasion is not new.  What is new is the idea that speaking up to clarify a situation is not required. LL needs to have a Virtual Ambassador again that can spend time talking to the grid population and getting folks on board with what the company is doing. They need a press secretary who understands what it is like to live in SL and why handing out these changes without respectful communication is damaging.

Take care, people.

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2013: What’s your digits, the Monday meme

From Strawberry Singh:

Meme instructions: Share your avatar’s digits (if you want to, not necessary) and then copy paste the following questions and answers into your post, remove my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to share your link in the comments of this post and if you decide to share your numbers, the Flickr group for the Digits challenge is here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/digits

Average body proportions for Adult males, females and children, link here.

Proportions Challenge Questions:

  1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above?   Not really, but consider this:  proportions are not the same everywhere you go in the universe. What I mean is, I do pay attention to proportions because of the very many places I have traveled. SL proportions are completely out of whack, and so this exercise of looking at the RL proportions of human figures is really interesting, but also not as much a guide as one might think…. or wish.
  2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar mesh? Most of the avatar is poor. Imagine a group of folks sitting down as a committee (as Second Life gets built) to work out the data set and then figure out how to “slider it” a bit.  Do you suppose they ever cracked a book of figure studies? No. Sloppy work. What bothers me the most… I guess that what erks me is that even to the logic of the SL sliders, the volumes do not work as they should work. Each scale is 1 to 100 for a feature, but does 50 mean halfway, no it does not. Does 50 mean average, NO, it does not.  Very sloppy work.  And yet, however would we ask them to fix it?  How would retro compatible logic be maintained?  Sigh.
  3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all?  Nope, it doesn’t bother me at all. I find the Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations a bit of a zest.
  4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? Nope! However, I’m testing out a longer arm set myself.  I’ve read for a couple of years (See Penny Patton’s blog entries) that the SL mesh faults females with tiny arms (T-Rex syndrome some call it) and I had not realized how awful it was until I checked my figure against some of the proportion items offered in this meme.  You almost have to push your slider to 100 to get normal arms. Sloppy SL, very sloppy.

Now the second part of the challenge is sharing your digits. You absolutely do not have to do that if you don’t want to or if you haven’t changed much from last year when you shared them then.

Take a look:

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SL movie poster challenge… monday meme from Strawberry

Monday Meme Instructions: The challenge for this week is to create a movie poster for your SL Avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original movie poster or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! Remember to leave your link in this meme’s comments so others can come by and see your poster as well.

poster_DME astounding_she_monster_poster_02

My SL movie poster is of course inspired by the classic poster work of Albert Kallis from AIP.  I’ve stayed up late watching many of the movies he created posters for fifty years ago!  The linkage in Wikipedia suggests that a lot of those films were basically sold and made based on the poster art.

My shame today—— I used a Flickr Gadget to get the poster look.  And I didn’t really have a cheesy dramatic image to use. Please forgive me.  Ah well. Back to RL work.

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