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traditional Victorian anarchy rez day

Sometimes a SL social convention is pure whimsy and sense of wonder… why yes, I do believe in social conventions.

One convention I wager you’ve never heard of is the Poppins Challenge. Google Poppins Challenge NSFW

Not that someone as old as I am would EVAH give in to a sense of wonder. (coughs)

So here I am in SL for five years and frankly, that’s rather amazing.  Amazing because I realize that even welcoming, wondrous, wistful Caledon is not likely fantabulous enough to keep me from my gypsy walking ways.  I love the builds and building. I like the exploration. I really enjoy the blog browsing of various other Explorers. I love the magic in plain sight and the hidden marvels of the Grid.  I really enjoy puttering with the clay of prims; sweeping through Marketplace to see what kind of inexpensive gimcracks I can show off to others; or taking time to watch the sun set over Port Caledon.

Or to reach out and turn off the sun if I am in a dark place and just think about my own limits.

This past weekend, my friends near and far honored me with the little dance and music for my 5th rez day. No, we certainly did not ‘do a Poppins’!  But what a dear lively celebration it was. So many people sharing their valuable time to say hello and jig some pixels about.

I’m very lucky to have this kind of experience. I never can say ‘thank you’ enough to my friends. I will point out that it is these Other Typists that are the real magnetic attraction that lasts five years. SL is made of people.

various heartfelt awards to:  Random Wezzog, who brought me into Caledon; Clan Kintyre, who welcomed me and protected me in my first explorations; Desmond Shang, who has always been patient with my foreign ways; the Grid steamclans of Caledon, Winterfell, Steelhead, New Babbage, Europa, New Toulouse, Steeltopia, Armada Breakaway, and Antiquity, who have variously made me behave like the lady my mother wanted me to be and like it (which she never managed); and special hugs to my posgalon, Miss Solace Fairlady, who understands that I cannot be easily defined.

SL is wonderful with all of you.

Now off I go to find a large durable parasol.

rez day 5, Solace and me in the Golden Dragon Ballroom

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