the Name is the Thing

More thoughts on Names.

It may only be the limited group of folks who blog, but I huge percent of the responses I’ve read about names pretty much ignore Display Names.  Don’t use them or only correct typos, add spouses, or adopt a new way of representing their Avatar, etc.

Considering all the wrangling over names and the Linden-led explanations for disintegrating Last Names…. this seems all out of proportion.  So it probably does not mean as much as it appears.

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goodbye SLURL builder, you were the BFF

I knew this day was coming… SLURL.com is still there but references to the builder all go to maps.secondlife.com now.

But search there for Port Caledon…. and …. nothing.

Go to the upper right corner of the page, and find the new builder pop-up where you can build a map link.

So I guess SLURLs will disappear some time as well?


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11 things a mad spark should never do…

11 things a mad spark should never do…

Linked for your education and reference.

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Fantasy Faire 2013 opens!

The weekend was totally unexpected and full of buzz… and I did not get into SL but for a few minutes. However, the reporting on Fantasy Faire looks great.

Prim Perfect

Fantasy Faire 2013 started today – and is already packed with people – as well as awesome stores and things to do.  For the first time, we will be there not merely to observe, but as patricipants. We have our own location, the Quest for the Golden Prim Explorers’ Club (Oriental Branch) on Lotus Valley Dream (a glorious region created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass) and this year our posts from the Faire will be including the dispatches from one of the characters in the Quest …

There are other fun elements to be seen – the security this year has been handed over to the Tiny Police Force who patrol the regions on Segways and who have quite awesome powers, I understand. As well as a penchant for waffles.

There are some amazing avatars walking/flying/swimming/a combination of these around the track. I’ve spotted…

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