LL keeps updating the performance of the baseline viewer

Features on the way soon (from Inara Pey):

Also mentioned in the post is the new Notifications RC viewer and the Quick Graphics viewer, both of which are both available as release candidate viewers. The former provides a new front-end for handling incoming notifications (and which I previewed here). The latter provides both the new Avatar Complexity functionality (which replaces the old ARC / ADW) and the abilities to create, save and quickly re-use sets of your own graphics presets for use in different environments and settings. Again, I’ve previewed both of these here and here.

The notifications viewer offers a new way of managing notifications and is featured in the Lab's blog post

The Quick Graphics viewer allows you to create and save your own graphics presets to suit different requirement,s and which can be quickly loaded and used with just a couple of mouse clicks

The exciting part of this to me is the saved ‘Graphic Presets’ for altering your settings to deal with performance.

You’re flying across Caledon. You want long draw distance.
You’re at a dance, you want short draw distance and lots of avatars rendered.
You’re indoors, you don’t need shadows.
You’re taking portraits or landscape pictures, you want all shaders, lights, and shadows. You probably do not need lots of avatars rendered.

All these things impact your computer’s workload a great deal. They impact the fun of your experience.

Also included in these changes will be updates to Avatar Complexity and settings you can choose to put special conditions on very lag inducing avatars. All those events you like to browse where 40 plus AVs are wearing jewels, wings, particles, and five layers of mesh? Maybe you just don’t need to see the most complex AVs except as a colored cartoon blob that you can walk around.

Stay perky, readers.

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