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Berry’s First and Recent Challenge meme

Meme instructions: Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

I believe this meme idea was given to me by Ms. Trixie Cliassi last year. The idea was to share a comparison of your first blog post to your most recent or new one. I’ve just taken a new snapshot similar to the old one of what my avatar looks like today. She also asked us to share our thoughts on how we feel we’ve improved as photographers or bloggers.

If you don’t have your first blog picture available or prefer to use a different newbie picture, feel free to do so. The point of this post is to talk about how much we’ve changed and grown since the newbie days. I haven’t processed the 2015 picture since the 2007 one was not processed in photoshop, I figured I’d let them both be raw shots.

As Berry did, my shots are raw and untouched except to frame them up for the meme.

SL first and recent

This is me on my house in 2008 (omg, I loved purple hair) and me at the same house 2015, you can see an improved world behind me (particle clouds vs windlight), amazing changes in the things I can wear, and some slight changes in me as well (notice the long ears are still long.)

Same house, rebuilt a few times, same parcel, same wonderful Caledon in background. Same wrought iron railings.

The skin in 2008 was the brand new Nova Chai beta. The skin in 2015 is Chiokka from Plastik.

But the meme is also, what are the important changes?

My first blog post was really to setup for the role play I’d been invited to join in steampunk Caledon. I’d been in Caledon for two years before anyone really asked me to RP. The strange part was I got the invite because a young lady thought my avatar was likely a wicked demon or villainess—and a small group were at a point in story were they needed a wicked priestess to arrive for a questionable ceremony.

It was fun, but once the folks were not in SL, the RP functions of the blog went low key.

The really strange part was, I joined SL to do roleplay. But found that RP really was not all that widespread. It is a much more social place than a gaming place. Most folks think RP is hard or tricky to do, but really it is just alt-social.

Fun meme!

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residing in Port Caledon

Dark of figure, bright of hair,
Quick with chatter, compelling stare,
Mild and mannered, but wild of Dance,
Loves the skies, & airship Chance.

I was having a delightful chat with a friend in the Steamgrid over the weekend, and they asked me about several communities.

Was Steelhead fun to live in? Was Babbage RP intense? What sort of events are fun in the Steamgrids? What sort of neighborhoods have the best builds?

And suddenly I realized— as I had a Steelhead tag over my head—my friend was asking me about my home in Steelhead.

Ahem. I don’t have a home in Steelhead. I love Steelhead but I do not live there.  You’ll sometimes see me with a Babbage tag. Nope. I don’t have a home there either.

Just one of my quirks: I like to know more about the various Steamgrid nations. I like to travel. I like to get the flavor of their day to day SL culture, so I belong to all those groups. Caledon, Steelhead, New Babbage, and some others that are extinct now. I tune into their chat channels. I am the attentive audience. I cheer the accomplishments and wonder.

It is six years this week, I am still on the same parcel that I first found in Port Caledon, graciously sold to me by Lady Twilight.  There is no particular stamina to this fact, but there is tenacity and luck. Port Caledon is variously a bit worn, a bit aged, there is some dirt, but it tends to collect the very quiet eccentric folks of Caledon. Mine is the house with the green copper roof. It’s the same house for six years— though I have remodeled it and added things. There are few green copper roofs in Caledon. There is an airship landing pad on the roof if you doubt which one is mine. Drop by sometime.

We are not the big city. We are not the folks with Death Ray platforms pointed at our neighbors. We do not enslave clockwork people in Port Caledon or manufacture zombies. I guess we are a bit… quiet.

Too quiet?

But I cannot tell you what we are doing there—That would be too easy.

I can tell you it is fun.


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2013 RFL relay for life event TEAWR

Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally

time essential rally: successful finish?

We did another fun rally this year for RFL Second Life.
It works something like this:

May 12, Saturday, 9am SLT

The ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally is a whimsical event for the greater good of RFL and the entertainment of all of You. All fees go to Team Caledon RFL. All builds and judging is by volunteers, please be patient with our volunteers.

Here is the ‘Time Essential’ nature of our daring contest.

1. racers go off in five minute increments (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
2. racers arrive Goal (must stop at marked phantom glowing goal—above circle target prim)
3. each Goal Judge records arrival time (will be compared to target script clock)
4. each racer ‘WRECKS’ part of their airship (edit vehicle for single prims, unlink piece, and then toggle unlinked prim to PHYSICAL) ((warning! Edit blue highlight prims only, never the yellow highlight root prim, please see notecard hints!))
5. Unlinked vehicle prim falls to target prim below stopped vehicle, bounces, and is judged for closeness to bullseye (judge notes bonus)
6. racer zooms off to next Goal (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
7. repeat to end of course (planned for 6-9 Goals)
8. vehicle times between judges are added
9. bonus for ‘wrecked parts’ is subtracted from total time
10. single bonus for most Creative WRECK (120 seconds!) at finale once all vehicles have arrived

Black Ribbons will be awarded for ‘posthumous gallantry in the air’ for Vehicles lost or sim-crossing limbo’d

Gold Badge and Trophy Airship for First Place

Silver Badge for Second Place and Trophy Gadget

Bronze Badge for Third Place and Trophy Gadget

starting point in the skies of Port Caledon…
go to the DME Gadgets Factory Aerocourt !

Our very daring pilots:

1st place: Wrath Constantine
2nd place: Prof Garth Goode

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Sim crossings borked but under study

Sim crossings borked but under study

Many server updates and render changes are in the works. Maybe you have seen all the chat about server side baking?

Anyhow, one of the issues right now is slow/fast vehicle crossings of sim borders results in crash to desktop more often than not.  Folks are working on it.

I bring this up because… SURPRISE!…  the T.E.A.W.R. event is coming in May.  Solace is going to help me with this again this year (truth be told, she is a steady hand and two heads are better than one, believe it!).  I need to do posters and map the necessary gates and consider some design suggestions made last year.

I believe that SL will cooperate with TEAWR crossings EVEN if this crossing problem is not 100% cured by May. Ours is not a FAST race, it is more about control of your craft, edit/build actions at gates, and staying on time for a long course.  SLOW DOWN for a crossing. You will make more points in the rally by getting that prim drop on the gate target.

Crashes out of world each year, can be spectacular, but are not fatal to the event. You do get a nice medal for smacking back into the Real World (pilots, just ask me for the Valor Medal after the rally!)

Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally news to come …

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Caledon RFL Team is looking for community builders

If you would like to participate in the Caledon RFL Team build for Relay For Life this year (from now until July 17) please get in touch with AutopilotPatty Poppy.

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