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“Intrinsic Inventory” by Whiskey Monday

I’m certainly going to think about his LEA challenge from Whiskey Monday.

Honestly think about it for a moment: what one thing in your inventory is so precious to you? Or so charming that you would place it above all others?

Or so intrinsic to your avatar?

Not so easy to answer.

Whiskey Shots

In addition to my LEA sim project, I’m putting together a side project that will also run the duration of my time at LEA10. I’m calling it Intrinsic Inventory, and I hope you’ll participate. Please participate. Pretty please? It won’t work if you don’t, and then I’ll be mortified. Think of the children. 

Intrinsic-for-web My favorite inventory item is in this photo, but you’ll have to wait for my Intrinsic Inventory story to find out.

Here’s how:

-Choose one item from your inventory that is your most treasured, precious object. It can be anything in inventory, as long as it can be seen in some manner. It can be a skin, a house, a piece of jewelry or a peen- I can even work with notecards or textures. Just choose the one thing that is most precious to you. Then let me take your photo with your treasure. I’ll ask…

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Go Play – LEA 10: Nothing Endures but Change by Whiskey Monday

Hey you are all invited by the artist in residence!

Whiskey Monday opened LEA 10: Nothing Endures but Change

changing Unpredictably at LEA 10

changing Unpredictably at LEA 10

Go see… have some fun. Explore!

(some edit…. sheesh!)

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