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Secure all stations. We are now entering the Journey Zone…

Here’s a small proposal for Second Life and our Linden Masters:

This would be an “opt in” setting for a sim, something an EM or Owner of the sim could flip on or off but would naturally be off.

Now that we have pathfinding and all that fancy stuff, it is time we had Journey Zones. Here’s how I imagine it working. Consider the map of Second Life. Places are gridded out, sometimes far apart, with lots of blanks between. You cannot walk, fly, or ‘vehicle’ across the blanks. Your physical object is forever restrained to contiguous sims…..unless….you have toggled Journey Zone ‘ON’.

If you have, once you hit the edge of your sim (and there is nothing along that border), you are transferred to a Journey Zone, which is really a blank sim (maybe an Open Space) transit spot. It could be full of lightning, or fog, or heavy winds, or whatever sort of random number of rotating sims the Lindens provide for this purpose.

Once there, the server looks are where you came from, draws a line across the Grid to whatever sits in that direction (let’s say you left Caledon from the Eastern shores…you are then headed east. Draw a line east and what sim do you hit?) and once you hit the east edge of the Journey Zone, you are transitioned to that target sim due east of where you left.

You can travel only like a Rook in Chess. Anything due North, East, West, South of the departing sim is suitable. And if there is nothing there, you cannot Journey. And if the target sim does not have ‘Journey Zone’ on, then you arrive at the next possible sim that does.

While I am not a computer person, it seems to me that this feature is no more complex than sim border transitions now. The feature I like is the ‘Journey Zone’ gives you an immersive transition, gives the sim owners control and privacy, and gives the RP Explorer a challenge, such as finding your way across the Grid to the Mainland. It almost becomes a game, building routes across the grid to spots you might like to explore by air or sea. The Lindens could also use this as a selling point to show off some of the gorgeous to wacky ideas they might have for ‘Journey Zones’. Sail through a cyclone? Fly through a downpour? Get attacked by pixies across 256m?

You could preserve the settings for ‘no rez’, just as you can walk into a sim where you have no rez permissions. The only downside for sim owners is you might have to clean up crashed vehicles.

There you go…the two folks who read this….spread the word.

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2D, 3D, Art & Science & Second Life

Hey. Come closer. Don’t look around, just act naturally. Don’t comment, just listen. There is a place where paint and ink breathes and lives. I have walked a world like it before. I think you would like to dare such a thing as well.

Be warned however. It is not like the pixels you are used to. I’m putting the path here in your pocket, no….don’t react now. Just nod and talk to me later.

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Cica Ghost @ LEA (moderate)

I made my first visit to the new round of LEA↑ installations yesterday and it was an “omg” moment (yes, even the Intrepid Explorer can be reduced to a 13 year old girl sometimes).

I want you to imagine landing in a village composed almost entirely of 2 dimensional line drawings. The world (sky & land) is white and the buildings, landscape, animals and people are composed of black lines. This is not like arriving in a static “picture”, however.

Cica Ghost @ LEA (moderate)

Almost everything around you is animated. The children play catch with their ball, the trees blow in the wind and the fish jump out of the water. Even the facial expressions on the people are changing as you watch them in their daily pursuits. It’s remarkable.

Update: I should add (or at least clarify), although Uccie does a much better…

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Aethernaut Polychrono Expeditionary, coming to a year near you!!

Being a member in good standing of the Aethernaut Polychrono Expeditionary irregulars, I traveled to the Aether Salon in New Babbage this past month. Of course, I dragged along my camera apparatus with all its proper bulk and winding anbaric tubes. Photographic record of events is the purpose of the Expeditions and I was behind my contribution to the archives.

However, rather than the usual informative seminar, we were all present for sharing ideas about future Salons.

There are great possibilities in the future Salons. To wit:

  • Various expressions of Steampunk are being treated in media (in several concurrent centuries, almost as if someone were taking information back and forth through time itself (cough)).
  • Steampunk Literature blooms and it is hard to keep up with it all.
  • There may be a fan scheming of breaking Steampunk into parts and definitions. Sometimes also called, ‘I am more steampunk than you!’
  • The Steamgrid itself is expanding in various directions without regard to venerable sims. There is no clearing house of destinations.

Baron Wulfenbach manuevered quite the range of suggestions (there were many more than the above), and promised some surprises.

Be sure to join us next month.


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metaharp wanderings: ‘my what big strings you have’

From the website:

MetaHarpers can often by recognized by strange and bizzare instruments strapped onto their backs. These instruments are called “MetaHarps”. They are not real instruments, but an object of science fiction that we wear for fun. Some MetaHarps have various unique scripted powers! The MetaHarps have their own creation story and make appearances in a few other fictional stories within Second Life.

chasm deep: metaharps

So the recent ‘live’ concert in Second Life was one of the first events I’ve ever attended where I saw more than three MetaHarpers together at once. I think what I found most interesting (oh yes, the concert was grand too!), was the sense of a group of Wanderers having arrived from an infinite Multiverse.

Anyone who has walked through worlds will have a sense of what I mean. Fans of Dr. Who would have been ‘right at home’ with the enthusiastic, visually complex, and diverse crowd at the venue. (SLURL here)

metaharp build: sim wander CHINA

So at a level of ‘community’, the best part of building and wearing a MetaHarp is: terrific conversation starter….without much risk of offending or breaking genre… as long as the genre play can flex to accomodate ‘big strings’.


Flickr images here:

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When it’s NPIRL* or Second Life

Another A.P.E. location from Honour.

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

The Lost City (moderate)

Something very strange happened yesterday. I’m going to document it here so that when I’m found wandering the physical world in some kind of psychotic state you can point to this as the beginning of my mental decline.

I was mowing the lawn, a task which requires a minimal amount of actual “thinking” apart from trying not to injure myself with whirling blades and the occasional flying debris. My mind wandered and a stray memory floated across what was, essentially, a blank canvas.

The Lost City (moderate)

There was something odd about this “memory” and I poked at it. The problem with what I was “remembering” is that it was just not possible in real life. It also wasn’t something from the metaverse.

The first “memory” led to another and that brought up even more – images and thoughts/feelings associated with them. The longer I pursued…

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