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gallery of beauty and second life fantasy

Hullo there, Fantasy Fans…

Providing a link you should check out, the marvelous artwork and mad fashion skills of Duchess Flux from Second Life.

You will be amazed!

second life art from Duchess Flux

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the Unseelie Court of Second Life

the Unseelie Court of Second Life

Recently I decided that I needed to start collecting Second Life images from a broader range of folks.  Since I’m getting less and less time to spend in SL myself, I thought inspiration and access to the fantastic locations and fashions of SL would be inspired by great art from the many talented folks in SL.

So I started a new group in Flickr. And with some surprise at the whole idea of Dangerous and Elegant Fae not being a group already in Flickr… I’ve named the group per the above: the Unseelie Court of Second Life.

You can click thru from the sidebar images as well.

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