(refreshed 9/2015)

Little is reliably known about Miss Darlingmonster Ember but that she has a house in Port Caledon and likes to dance. Rumor has it she may be building anbaric airborne oddities and gadgets in an old motorcar factory.  Miss Ember emigrated to Caledon in January of ’08.  As a pilot of airships, her accomplishments are few, though it is said she intends to compete in the Cavorite Cup races in Caledon Middlesea whenever they are held.

In past years, new airship presentations from ‘DME Gadgets’ were unveiled at the New Babbage Regatta in January. Alas, New Babbage has not held the event since 1882 (aka 2012). Miss Ember has flown for Caledon in the Regatta for several years running. Her airships have won design recognition as ‘jewels of the skies’.

Full production at ‘DME Gadgets’ has ceased in favor of inspired seasonal designs. See the Marketplace for older designs or the Factory courtyard for newer aeroships.

Miss Ember is creator/designer/hostess of the ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally, starting in 1881 and last in 1885.

Those wishing a pleasant introduction to Second Life should visit Caledon Oxbridge University.

There is almost no truth to the rumor that if Miss Ember could change her name, she would.

Team Caledon Relay For Life ’09 Darlingmonster Ember (20.77 laps) :: Huzzah!
Team Caledon Relay For Life ’10 Darlingmonster Ember (31.32 laps) :: Woot! :: member of build team, Caledon site won award (Wish Factory)
Team Caledon Relay For Life ’11 Darlingmonster Ember (38.77 laps) :: design member of build team (Hope Beach)
Team Caledon Relay For Life ’12 Darlingmonster Ember (37.44 laps) :: member of build team (Steampunk Genome)

(The Second Life World is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.)

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