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Sim crossings borked but under study

Sim crossings borked but under study

Many server updates and render changes are in the works. Maybe you have seen all the chat about server side baking?

Anyhow, one of the issues right now is slow/fast vehicle crossings of sim borders results in crash to desktop more often than not.  Folks are working on it.

I bring this up because… SURPRISE!…  the T.E.A.W.R. event is coming in May.  Solace is going to help me with this again this year (truth be told, she is a steady hand and two heads are better than one, believe it!).  I need to do posters and map the necessary gates and consider some design suggestions made last year.

I believe that SL will cooperate with TEAWR crossings EVEN if this crossing problem is not 100% cured by May. Ours is not a FAST race, it is more about control of your craft, edit/build actions at gates, and staying on time for a long course.  SLOW DOWN for a crossing. You will make more points in the rally by getting that prim drop on the gate target.

Crashes out of world each year, can be spectacular, but are not fatal to the event. You do get a nice medal for smacking back into the Real World (pilots, just ask me for the Valor Medal after the rally!)

Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally news to come …

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