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2013 RFL relay for life event TEAWR

Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally

time essential rally: successful finish?

We did another fun rally this year for RFL Second Life.
It works something like this:

May 12, Saturday, 9am SLT

The ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally is a whimsical event for the greater good of RFL and the entertainment of all of You. All fees go to Team Caledon RFL. All builds and judging is by volunteers, please be patient with our volunteers.

Here is the ‘Time Essential’ nature of our daring contest.

1. racers go off in five minute increments (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
2. racers arrive Goal (must stop at marked phantom glowing goal—above circle target prim)
3. each Goal Judge records arrival time (will be compared to target script clock)
4. each racer ‘WRECKS’ part of their airship (edit vehicle for single prims, unlink piece, and then toggle unlinked prim to PHYSICAL) ((warning! Edit blue highlight prims only, never the yellow highlight root prim, please see notecard hints!))
5. Unlinked vehicle prim falls to target prim below stopped vehicle, bounces, and is judged for closeness to bullseye (judge notes bonus)
6. racer zooms off to next Goal (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
7. repeat to end of course (planned for 6-9 Goals)
8. vehicle times between judges are added
9. bonus for ‘wrecked parts’ is subtracted from total time
10. single bonus for most Creative WRECK (120 seconds!) at finale once all vehicles have arrived

Black Ribbons will be awarded for ‘posthumous gallantry in the air’ for Vehicles lost or sim-crossing limbo’d

Gold Badge and Trophy Airship for First Place

Silver Badge for Second Place and Trophy Gadget

Bronze Badge for Third Place and Trophy Gadget

starting point in the skies of Port Caledon…
go to the DME Gadgets Factory Aerocourt !

Our very daring pilots:

1st place: Wrath Constantine
2nd place: Prof Garth Goode

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Festival of Steampunk, Soigne

Inventors and mechanics of all stripes are preparing for a small exhibition to be held beginning in March.  From Mar 1 through Mar 7, DME Gadgets will be putting steampunk pieces on display in the region of Soigne.

It is also possible that I will preview 1882 Limited Edition aeroships there.  These will not be for sale at that time.

The Limited Edition series are aeroship art pieces that are not intended as pure genre steampunk, but rather something I’m calling Fantasy DecoPunk.  They are functional SL vehicles.  Anyone who has seen some of my designs not in the vendors of Port Caledon will not be too surprised.  I’ve done helmets, face masks, dance accessories in this style before but never sold this style.

Anyone interested in the 1920s or Streamline Moderne may want to take a look.

Go see the Festival of Steam web blog.

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