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Battle Balloons! This looks awesome!!

Oh gosh, how fun!!  Balloon combat!

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monday meme… a tisket, a tasket, an empty bucket list?

From Strawberry!

This week I thought it was time to share my Second Life Bucket List in hopes that you all will do the same. If you are not familiar with what a bucket list is, it’s basically a list of things people want to eventually do during their lifetime. A lot of people create bucket lists. Sometimes they are just in our heads and not physically written down anywhere. I decided to write mine out for my SLife, and possibly start working on some of the things listed. There are a few things that I used to have on my sl bucket list that I’ve already accomplished (which I was quite happy about), such as: attend and/or be in a second life fashion show, go on an sl date, reach one million hits on my blog, and take pictures of over 1000 avatars (I’m close to 1500 avatars now).

If you have never had a bucket list before and decide to create one for your real or second life, you can check out It seems like an interesting site and might help you get started.

Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week. Don’t forget to leave a link to your list in the comments @ Strawberry’s so we all can come by and check it out!

Now don’t get too excited dear Readers…. because my bucket is empty! I’ve been so busy doing RL things that I have not added to my bucket list in way too long.  So sing along with me…..

I want a new Bucket List
One that won’t make me sick
One that won’t make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick

I want a new Bucket List
One that won’t hurt my head
One that won’t make my mouth too dry
Or make my eyes too red

One that won’t make me nervous
Wonderin’ what to do
One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you
When I’m alone with you…. *

  1. Finish my 1882 torpedo seaplane! – Really now this has been on the shelf for 2 years and damn but it looks hawt. I need to script it properly or find a Scripter who will actually have time to do it. Anyone want to volunteer to join me in the workshop?
  2. Write a short story bodice-ripper about Caledon fae intrigues! – Been thinking about this for a long time.  Some sort of paranormal romance short story with Caledon as the setting would be really awesome fun to write.
  3. Host a dance, for the 1882 limited edition aero debuts! – (cough) Have to finish them… see No 1.  I’ve never hosted a dance before it would be keen.
  4. Win the Cavorite Cup Race! Done this month
  5. Do a Poppin’s Rez Day Challenge! Done this year
  6. Build an aero on commission! Done last year
  7. Win the Great Race of Caledon! Done 2 years ago
  8. Create and Host a RFL Event! Done for 2 years now…the infamous Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally!
  9. Create a Fae skin! Done several years ago
  10. Run the 24 hour RFL Relay! Done four times and several times in the top 10

Facts is facts. I’ve become a slacker.


* apologies to Huey Lewis

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this weekend, Iron Cloud hosts the Cavorite Cup races…

Account of the 2010 Cavorite Cup races

Have speeder will race.

Aha, but dear reader, only in official racers. All scripts and vehicles are the same engines, while they may have individual colors and signature elements added. Other scripts and vehicles are not allowed in the official race.  Go to Caledon Middlesea and find a speeder (L$500 to RFL charity) at the vendors on the flight deck if you would like to try your hand on the track… AND actually write to Wrath Constantine if you wish to enter by July 20.

Race day is Sunday, July 21.

Wonderful excitement for all and there will be viewing stands for the crowd to have excellent ring side seats.
Cavorite Cup Race 2009

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2013 RFL relay for life event TEAWR

Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally

time essential rally: successful finish?

We did another fun rally this year for RFL Second Life.
It works something like this:

May 12, Saturday, 9am SLT

The ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally is a whimsical event for the greater good of RFL and the entertainment of all of You. All fees go to Team Caledon RFL. All builds and judging is by volunteers, please be patient with our volunteers.

Here is the ‘Time Essential’ nature of our daring contest.

1. racers go off in five minute increments (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
2. racers arrive Goal (must stop at marked phantom glowing goal—above circle target prim)
3. each Goal Judge records arrival time (will be compared to target script clock)
4. each racer ‘WRECKS’ part of their airship (edit vehicle for single prims, unlink piece, and then toggle unlinked prim to PHYSICAL) ((warning! Edit blue highlight prims only, never the yellow highlight root prim, please see notecard hints!))
5. Unlinked vehicle prim falls to target prim below stopped vehicle, bounces, and is judged for closeness to bullseye (judge notes bonus)
6. racer zooms off to next Goal (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
7. repeat to end of course (planned for 6-9 Goals)
8. vehicle times between judges are added
9. bonus for ‘wrecked parts’ is subtracted from total time
10. single bonus for most Creative WRECK (120 seconds!) at finale once all vehicles have arrived

Black Ribbons will be awarded for ‘posthumous gallantry in the air’ for Vehicles lost or sim-crossing limbo’d

Gold Badge and Trophy Airship for First Place

Silver Badge for Second Place and Trophy Gadget

Bronze Badge for Third Place and Trophy Gadget

starting point in the skies of Port Caledon…
go to the DME Gadgets Factory Aerocourt !

Our very daring pilots:

1st place: Wrath Constantine
2nd place: Prof Garth Goode

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awesome steampunk airship shooter game online

awesome steampunk airship shooter


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