Picture yourself

Picture yourself in a boat on a river…
 With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
  Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
   A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Ever wonder how parts of a SL image reach out and grab you? How intentional can you be about snapshots grabbed in a virtual world? Isn’t a snapshot more like shooting images in an urban backdrop—you just hope for the best?

Composition of image, whether you have time or inclination to consider it, is part of the mystery involved in getting a snapshot that really rocks.

Some good reading over here by an experienced SL photo artist. Drawing from other artists, Deoridhe is blogging in depth, with examples of how to make a snapshot have more mystery or energy or action. She refers you to a link, drawing from Mike Vargas86 Aspects of Composition.


So here’s an exercise for you. Page through your Flickr favorites and see how often composition !science! is making the image more interesting to you.

For me, I don’t usually slow down long enough to compose properly. At SL dances, the motion of each avatar, and general position of many is completely up for grabs. OTOH, I do sometime wait… wait… for a shot to fall into a better sequence at dances, using some rough idea of how the various animations are interacting.

we didn't start the fire

Very fun topic.

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