Strawberry Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

So I take a lot of pictures in SL. About 5 for every one that I post on Flickr. The page tells me today I have posted 6198, so I guess my storage is over 30k snapshots.

I think I always have wanted to share the visuals, but when I started, Flickr was not on my radar, so I don’t have great images going back to 2008. And then there are technical issues, such as windlight had just barely been invented. My computer would often choke on SL, my screen was about 1024×512 to begin with. Not knowing much about 3D worlds, I took the snapshots as I saw them pretty much on the fly.


Miss D Ember 2010

Typically I routinely force my shots up to 3600w pixels now. Even then sometimes flaws (tiling) will show up in the glow or windlight cloud structures, an indication, I assume of the hard working graphics card. Mmm. Well, does anyone else get those lines through clouds? They make me crazy. I read on the JIRA that it has been fixed, but then it slips into my shots 1 in 5 times.

I love creating my own windlights or modifying standards in the set that come with Firestorm.

Anyways, recently for my 8th rez, a long time friend surprised the pixels out of me by sending over a ‘gift card’ for the photographer/artist Strawberry Singh. Wow!

This started a flurry of research (read the studio notes on Strawberry’s page, educational!)

And I took some play time to wander the grid looking for backdrops in case I wanted a photo with a fabulous backdrop, like Galadriel’s Mirror!

gold portraits, Galadriel's Mirror pink field 3

Ultimately, I decided to go with ‘studio time’ and see what Strawberry might do with me given full creative reign. Here for the record, I get to share the results with you. OMG. Very exciting!

Here’s to 2016 in Second Life.




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