Music videos shot in Second Life and why we need more of them.

hey musicians should absolutely team up with machinema makers… these are neat!

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Even though the fact that many people don’t even know Second Life (still) exists is a big problem for Linden Lab and us who are enthusiastic about this online world, I still think that the bad reputation our virtual place has is also something that needs to be fixed.

And although that may not be possible, or at least not something we can completely get rid of till SL 2.0 comes around, I can’t help thinking about new ideas and schemes that might make it easier for people like me, who are out of the virtual closet, to share the brilliance of that place where I spend so much time with people who don’t know much or anything about Second Life.

That is why I get excited every time I find something that makes Second Life look good, that shows that there really is more to our virtual world than…

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