Fantasy Faire Short Story/Poetry contest: last year’s winner – and how to enter this year

you know you want to…..

Prim Perfect

At last year’s Fantasy Faire, the organisers joined with Prim Perfect to ask visitors to write a short story, inspired by one of the regions at Fantasy Faire. This story was unanimously declared the winner by the judges.

(Details of how to enter YOUR short story or poem this year appear at the end of the story).

Red Sail at Sunset

by Deoridhe Grimsdottir

Magnificat 2013, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont Magnificat 2013, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Nicoletta stood at the edge of the canal, watching for the red sail.

The stone of the lion was icy against her gloved palm despite the languid summer day which had passed, and the breeze from the ocean also brought the scent of hay from the other side of the canal, where the final few figures in sackcloth and straw hats bound together long stalks in tight bundles. Through the narrow eyes of her mask, she could see the first…

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