pssssst ….advice for Second Life newbies

Hey…. Monday Meme time again.

Meme Instructions: List 5 pieces of advice you would give to a newcomer that has just joined Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or advice in the comments.

  1. you’ve just become virtual pixels! congratulations! Now please remember that you don’t need to spend money, get a job, rent a house, or do anything that anyone tells you is fun. Follow your own passions or invent a new one and explore it.
  2. hands on! you’ll want to ask lots of questions about the standard LL Viewer before you let someone advise you to try other viewer platforms. In fact, questions about destinations, viewers, groups and clubs, are all great kinds of exploration, but also take in a few ‘survival classes’ at friendly learning spots like Oxbridge University in Caledon.
  3. hands off! please remember manners—-or fake them! Everyone you encounter is a protagonist in their own adventure. If and when they help you, remember that this kindness can be ‘paid forward’ to others you chat with. Walking into people is not cool. Shooting people is not cool. Demanding attention for your personal drama is not cool. Asking for sex is….. right! Not Cool. You know what is very cool? Holding to a standard of friendly and helpful philosophy.
  4. stay organized! stay focused! Put things away in a folder you name, ‘new adventure’ for the first 30 days. Always buy a ‘demo’ of a product if offered. You’d be amazed what standard sizes from different designers look like on your avatar. Create a ‘demo folder’ so you can get rid of things you have not even tried on (a week or a month later). Imagine how you’d like your home closet to be organized and put that thought into your SL inventory.
  5. read the pop ups! ask questions! Please do not accept gifts, items, animations, or even handshakes from people that you do not know well (especially in sandboxes). “I’m very sorry but I’m new here. I don’t accept hugs from people I just met.” This will save you from ‘kissing’ when the animation says, ‘handshake’, or from getting spam objects, or getting neck munched by a vampire who just read your profile and wants to add a notch into their game database. On the other hand, if you are in SL to just be wild and crazy, then go ahead and create a ‘Miss Crazy’ account. Keep her separate from your own more civil explorations.  Don’t drama up your main SL experience by being a wild, crazy, irresponsible, rude, jerk full time……grab an alt.

Have fun!

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