Secure all stations. We are now entering the Journey Zone…

Here’s a small proposal for Second Life and our Linden Masters:

This would be an “opt in” setting for a sim, something an EM or Owner of the sim could flip on or off but would naturally be off.

Now that we have pathfinding and all that fancy stuff, it is time we had Journey Zones. Here’s how I imagine it working. Consider the map of Second Life. Places are gridded out, sometimes far apart, with lots of blanks between. You cannot walk, fly, or ‘vehicle’ across the blanks. Your physical object is forever restrained to contiguous sims…..unless….you have toggled Journey Zone ‘ON’.

If you have, once you hit the edge of your sim (and there is nothing along that border), you are transferred to a Journey Zone, which is really a blank sim (maybe an Open Space) transit spot. It could be full of lightning, or fog, or heavy winds, or whatever sort of random number of rotating sims the Lindens provide for this purpose.

Once there, the server looks are where you came from, draws a line across the Grid to whatever sits in that direction (let’s say you left Caledon from the Eastern shores…you are then headed east. Draw a line east and what sim do you hit?) and once you hit the east edge of the Journey Zone, you are transitioned to that target sim due east of where you left.

You can travel only like a Rook in Chess. Anything due North, East, West, South of the departing sim is suitable. And if there is nothing there, you cannot Journey. And if the target sim does not have ‘Journey Zone’ on, then you arrive at the next possible sim that does.

While I am not a computer person, it seems to me that this feature is no more complex than sim border transitions now. The feature I like is the ‘Journey Zone’ gives you an immersive transition, gives the sim owners control and privacy, and gives the RP Explorer a challenge, such as finding your way across the Grid to the Mainland. It almost becomes a game, building routes across the grid to spots you might like to explore by air or sea. The Lindens could also use this as a selling point to show off some of the gorgeous to wacky ideas they might have for ‘Journey Zones’. Sail through a cyclone? Fly through a downpour? Get attacked by pixies across 256m?

You could preserve the settings for ‘no rez’, just as you can walk into a sim where you have no rez permissions. The only downside for sim owners is you might have to clean up crashed vehicles.

There you go…the two folks who read this….spread the word.

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