1882 Exhibition Limited in Port Caledon coming soon!

Caledon Crier
1882 Edition Limited aeroships on display at Port Caledon workshop by the tinkeratrix, Miss Darlingmonster Ember.

Near the Port landing docks, the workshop of DME Gadgets rises above the rooftops of nearby homes and industry lofts. We were present during preparations for the upcoming ‘Exhibition of the 1882 Edition Limited’ aeroship line.

At present, Miss Ember is set to reveal nine aeroships for sale. The design is rather menacing, or just impossible, and consultation with Prof. Rumfort of the University of Mainland included his observation that such wing designs as Miss Ember is using in her ‘jewels of the skies’ Edition Limited are very unlikely to be stable or worthy aerocrafts. He noted that Miss Ember has no engineering credentials.

This reporter put the question to Miss Ember.

With a heavy spanner in hand, she appeared to consider the question for some moments while tapping her palm with the tool. Finally, she offered to take me up in the experimental aerocraft. In the interest of public service and truth, I accepted.

The aerocraft in question is called AeroVing and is pronounced with an accent that Miss Ember explained to us is a Jaeger dialect. Questioned about the design antecedents, Miss Ember would not divulge her methods.

We were surprised to find the vehicle was fitted out for one person only. However, arrangements were made for a double harness to accommodate the reporter and tinkeratrix both on the piloting couch. In these tight quarters, we expected the pilot’s job would be more difficult and if the aerocraft were unstable as suggested by our Mainland University pundit, we might be in for a very unpleasant sky trip, however brief.

We report instead that the AeroVing flies enormously well, being somehow capable of extending additional wing surface when powered up.

Truly, the short hop into the air above the Firth of Caledon was rather more fun than a coaster ride in the Southend. Miss Ember even opened the canopy during some low level runs across the rough waters of Middlesea.

Many of our pressing questions were not answered by Miss Ember. We cannot report the pricing for these dashing AeroVings. We were gently refused comment about the crackling sparks trailing from the engine which fiercely glowed with incandescent fury while radiating minimal heat. We noted the canopy glass seemed to be gilded with coppery particles but learned nothing about this special glazing or why it is not reproduced in other glassworks of the Mainland. Miss Ember would not say if Hydrogen Gas is used in the sleek under-slung metal envelopes.

We look forward to the Exhibition of these craft coming soon.

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