dear Aunty Webbs, back in the workshop

Open greetings to the aetherwebs or ‘Dear Aunty Webbs’

The year 1882 CD promises to be much ado. Already this year we have felt the violent trembles of Caledon’s annual geothermic shifts. We do have this about once a year (sometimes even in Port Caledon, though my own properties have been stable), however, with this unseasonably early eruption of cavorite lava in Wellsian, I expect the complex underhill energies are not done with us.

I note that Primverness is shaken with landslides. I read in the paper that Rocabrannagh manors have collapsed due to a sudden settling of the landmass there. Flying over Stella Maris just last week, I noted more islands to the area than I could account for in the aethercompass readings I had in the Copper Sting (only a few months old.)

Even as I write this journal entry, Constable Sticking has rapped on the downstairs door to inform me that M Szondi’s magnificent complex in Port has been declared off-limits due to cracks in the foundation under the GeoResponse Anchors. That surely means the engineers will be looking at my own power couplers buried under the Port workshop. Public safety comes first, as always.

In short, the Year of the Dragon is most certainly shaking the Lower Heavens.

On more delightful topics, there has been no sign of my Old Tutor returning to harass me from certain Unseelie places that shall remain unnamed. Good riddance!

This week I had my Caledon visa renewed for the fourth year. I also shared much of the weekend with New Babbage residents, flying and later dancing with many lovely Gentles. I’ve been making a steady stream of visits to Steelhead for several weeks. In fact, my social calendar is so busy I’ve neglected the workshop entirely for what seems months.

Solace and I were strolling Caledon while I pondered exactly which workshop project to revisit. The Gadgets workshop is littered with fancies I have not completed. Even the ‘DME Sportster’ that won the Racing Class in New Babbage Air Regatta badly needs the engine further tuned to match the control package. We crossed paths with Her Grace, Yenta in Ahavah, where she was hard at work with artists and builders on a new plaza and riverwalk there. And after some sweet chatter, I’ve agreed to place a vendor outpost of DME Gadgets in the shopping plaza south of the fountain and train station. Look for my BIG LOGO in the quaint shop area.

And just this week, I’ve noticed engine components arriving in crates at Solace’s new Undustry Loft in Port Caledon. I must get busy if Solace is going to start up a vehicle project. Otherwise I’ll be looking over her shoulder and putting my fingers into her contraptions and there’s nothing more unnerving than two gadgeteers wrestling the half-born construct.

Here is something for you all to digest. My aeroship design activities are changing. I’m going to spend more time with people and less with the workshop. Perhaps there will be ONE new ship a year instead of five. But I am also open to changing everything I’ve done before for new opportunities.

In short, I imagine that working my creations with You, dear reader, is more exciting than a single project in a year.

And what do I mean by that?

I mean the Limited Edition ‘Rare Jewel’ Aeroships, named and designed to your tastes. You imagine the need, and together we realize the ‘Rare Jewel’ vehicle. You get the aeroship of your imagination in special configuration and textured by your choices.

I will never sell another quite like Yours. I will instead Reserve the design, alter the appearance, and produce three more copies (no more!) for Limited sale. At that point the molds will be broken and the ship will no longer be available.

Please contact me by notecard in world if you are interested in discussing pricing and projects for the Limited Edition ‘Rare Jewel’ Aeroships.

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