daring lag-masters of the New Babbage skies…

Well, never have so few crashed for so many to such fun!

4th Babbage Air Regatta

That does require explanation. The 4th annual New Babbage Air Regatta was held in a sim emptied of avatars and vehicles except for the racers. So normally, this would run like a charm, allowing spectators sitting on the edges outside the sim to watch a rather dashing and dramatic exhibition of airships. Last Saturday, the lag was Fierce. Pilots were knocked into the sea, out of the sims on corners, into uncontrolled loops and turns, in short, it must have been a hoot to watch.

As a pilot, in the middle of it all for 60 to 150 seconds a run (link times!) it was fluttery and dizzy and frustrating. There was a general call from the stands for “larger gates next year” due to the many impacts and pile ups trying to get several ships through tight gates in near same timing.

Terrific taste of the fun here (video link) in sweet little video by Victor Mornington.

Despite high performance in all practice runs, the actual race day course was Fierce with Lag. On the very first run, I made the mistake of not adjusting my draw distance after taking some early setting pictures. My draw distance of 200m killed me after the first turn and I woke up in the deep waters. I had not strayed into another sim or hit another airship, just swinging about the corner and hard of the heels of M Cleanslate ahead of me had crashed me out.

Even jumping back up out of the waters and refiring up the Copper Delight did not put me near to finishing a good time. However, I did finish. And I was one of the lucky ones. All my further crashes in the day happened between races or in setting up for a race. About eight crashes in all but no more of them were in the middle of the course. I did have a few close calls with ‘shopping advert notecards’ popping in during the race. They take up a distressing amount of screen when they do that.

There was a LOT of contact between airships, as is allowed by the rules, and many suffered unrecoverable jamming of controls or evil sim edges that put them out of good timing runs.

M Cleanslate was our jovial and gentlemanly race official (and builder designer of the Regatta, 4th year running!!) He makes it look so easy and I think this year was even more attended, more fun for many than previous years. I saw more Caledon folks there too, enjoying the fine weather.

Now looking forward to the ‘Time Essential Airship Wreck Rally’ in late April, early May this year in Caledon. We shall provide more information soon for this cross country airship disaster event.

I’d also like to see Steelhead do some sort of Air Rally in the Fall as a part of the Steamgrid effort to celebrate all things airship.

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