port caledon: gateway to !!SCIENCE!!

Few places in Caledon can take your breath away faster than Oxbridge University, Steam Sky City, Lionsgate, the Burroughs builds, or the Iron Cloud of Middlesea.

Your mileage may vary. :grins:

However, Port Caledon has often been the quirky, mad, sparky retreat of secretive builders in Caledon. Nothing monumental is going on there, (except for the occasional arrival and departure of a !Greek Temple!) In pawing through the history of the neighborhood in Flickr pictures, I’ve seen submarines, waterfalls, Homes for Wayward Librarians, and the almost always interesting Warehouse 13 (various incarnations of Kukulcan Tesla Technologies.) Port Caledon is always a bit worn and covered in soot, but we clean up nicely for holidays and Steam Hunts.

True, there are some choice homes and offices on the west coast, where fantastic views of Llyr and Stella Maris are available. But you can sometimes find a chunk of the west coast up for sale in Port, if you are patient.

And then there are the wonderful East Slopes rising to Highlands. Those parcels turn over more often, but also get the exciting retail builds, the Tesla Towers, or the Power Plant builds sending smoke into the skies.

DME Gadgets landmark poster

DME Gadgets landmark poster

Summer is nearly done and Fall is about to begin. Grab your parasol, or horse, or steam bicycle and do a tour of Port Caledon. We promise not to drop your jaw, however, you might carry away a few treasures from your tour. The Steam Hunt is running still!

port caledon: dme gadgets new aerocourt and workshop

port caledon: dme gadgets new aerocourt and workshop

port caledon: dme gadgets new aerocourt and workshop

There you are. Now all those folks who have asked me ‘where in the world is your shoppe, Miss Ember?’ are connected and comforted.

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