…Port Caledon ebbs and flows

I was not planning on a remodel of my old factory building in Port Caledon. I really have a few other projects in the que ahead of any such craziness.


Of late, however, Port Caledon has been picking up some new merchants (with nifty builds) and my neighbor, M Szondi, keeps adding to his entirely magnificent steampunk vunderschloss. It really is something you should go see even if still unfinished. We’ve also got lots of walking traffic this month for the Steam Hunt.

port caledon

Ah, to make a long story short, I’ve torn down my pleasant little brick factory building and built an aero-factory large enough to actually repair and customize every craft size in my inventory except the massive Deck Tug (which hovers above the aerocourt still.)

Other tweaks will probably come along in the next week or so, but I’m pretty pleased with the new space. My logos and signs are much more in evidence. There is better wall space, interesting shadows and glass in the build.

I shall miss the old build a lot, because it had the ‘tinker workshop’ feeling of a small artisan moved into an old (reused) building. But it also was not open to the street and did not make it easy to find my vendors.

Sure, that’s my story. Sales are down because sight lines are bad. :D

Whereas the old building was a ‘tear apart, redesign and rebuild’ from a sweet little marketplace purchase… the new aero-factory is a happy marriage of my own prims and some fortunate finds in textures. The new SL prim hierarchy (64m sizes!) allows me to save over a hundred prims in re-building to my own design.

Feel free to drop by Port and pick up a free poster or two and take a look.
Tea and biscuits will be offered if I am around to give you a tour.

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One thought on “…Port Caledon ebbs and flows

  1. Rhianon Jameson

    Tea and biscuits? Count me in!

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