Open grouchy note to my Linden Masters

So this past week I discovered I had two dozen folders of content suddenly outside the normal ‘My Inventory’ directory structure. This is odd but really became a problem when I realized that those misplaced items would not rez normally. (Some seem to rez on attach and then slip back into Objects Folder on detach, even stranger and more confusing.) So this mismanaged inventory is not cured by clearing cache or installing fresh. In fact, it is not on the viewer side at all.

I was advised to write up a ticket for support. Those who know better…. those recent LL server code changes…would prompt a server error in inventory especially if crashed out of SL. We all crash every day, right?

LL responds. No repair for You!

2011-08-21 10:25:39
MartaT Scout

Hello Darlingmonster,

Our records show that your Second Life account has a Basic (free) membership. Basic members have many Support options open to them (you can file cases about most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some technical issues), but it seems like your issue in this case is not one that is supported for Basic members:

A bit of google research and sure enough, LL does not respond to repair inventory for basic accounts, even if it is LL server error. If you upgrade, they may get to your inventory fix, though apparently some folks have waited weeks for that service.

Here’s the grouchy part:
between tier, charity, and economy I find I am pushing hundreds of dollars a month into SL. But I cannot have server errors fixed unless I pay $10 month more? So anytime the landlord breaks something, he wants money from me to fix it?

Would it not make sense for the Lindens to look at account activity and say, “Aha, you are basic plus, young lady. You oil the gears that make us a destination! We would be pleased to give you two service tickets a year.”


Oh, and an informal survey of people indicates that this little problem crops up for many. You cannot move the broken folders back into place. You cannot delete them. You can look for JIRAs or online advice but basically you need LL to fix the problem.

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