…Of interest on names… from ‘Tateru Nino’

Whatever claim someone might have to a nym rather than a name doesn’t concern me overly much. Every name is anonymous until you know something about the person that it is attached to. Names are intrinsically meaningless labels that only gain meaning through knowledge of the thing or person that they describe.

“I don’t believe in [controversial topic of the day]. It sounds like so much junk science!” one homeowner told us – Suzy Henderson (38).

The name (and age), used in a newspaper article like that is intended to confer credibility to the piece. Does it? No, really…think about that for a moment. The name could be entirely fabricated (and indeed, some of them are in order to add that illusion). Without knowing anything about Suzy, the presence of her name actually adds nothing other than verisimilitude and the illusion of authenticity.

What does concern me is that my social circles (both online and offline) are made up almost entirely of nyms. When I meet someone for the first time, I almost invariably ask “What do you want to be called?” and I call them that. I may not (and probably don’t!) know about any of their other nyms or names, and I don’t actually care. Why not? Because being social is about the person. It’s about relating to them, listening to them, talking to them, exchanging views, passing the time, making small talk, debating knotty issues like identity (for example), and – if I have anything to say about it – getting my arse grabbed once in a while.

If those nyms start getting stomped on, like Opensource Obscure already has, then my social circle is diminished. Google+ loses a little value for me – and for others, each and every time that happens.

Yes, we want to keep the impersonators and the spammers out. Put those Googly heads together and produce a mechanism and a process for reporting and enforcement. If you’re prompt in dealing with them, the crowd will be prompt in finding them. You’ve got good people there, I know it. Let them do some good then.

Online, I’m Tateru Nino, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to prove that to anybody. Nor am I going to change that identity for anyone.

via Of nyms and names.

Well said. Whomever you are.

This may come as a shock to you, dear reader, so please sit down.
Comfy? Good.

I really am Darlingmonster Ember.

Well, in every sense of the word ‘am’.

Except for the ‘Ember’ part, which is a fair translation of my last honorific in my own lands. However I do not fault Second Life for that, as in my travels it has always been prudent to alter my honorific to suit the local culture. And again, because of my culture, I’m not ever using my real name because that’s just impossible. No one should ever give their true name freely to their enemies.

Yes, I know just how unlikely it is that someone’s mother could actually choose ‘Darlingmonster’ for a day name. You would have to meet my mother, which I certainly do not recommend as a lark. Suffice to say, that I would never choose to be called Darlingmonster unless it was, as they say, the real deal.

As a little girl, I often pretended to be other names. It never worked out that well. Although I did for several summers enjoy calling myself Undertow. However, some of the older boys got the very wrong idea and I had to put a stop to that.  And in this virtual world, my name does have some… credible cachet… since no one else seems to want to share it. Imagine!

So, do have a nice day and travel safe out there!

Miss Darlingmonster Ember

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One thought on “…Of interest on names… from ‘Tateru Nino’

  1. Rhianon Jameson

    Well said! And you are certainly unique in both name and spirit. :)

    My attitude toward Google Plus and Facebook and any other service that insists that I am not real is: I don’t need you service; I’ll take my unreal self elsewhere, to someone who appreciates my value as a source of advertising revenue.

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