…i am not a number, i am a free AV

One of the best parts of Caledon community, well, perhaps the entire Steamlands grid, is the general level of acceptance for whimsy and variety.

Perhaps this is because folks may show up to your dinner party with diving helmets under their arms?

When I arrived in Caledon, fresh from the sea, I took pains to cover my olive dark skin with a darker tints. I arranged my hair in likely Victorian splendor. I found outfits that met the mark of decent society. I learned the proper pronunciation of ‘huzzah’!

If you have traveled as much as I have …you find that folks everywhere are wary of strangers, but if they find you are a stranger that makes an effort to respect their culture and language….they will nod and invite you to tea. It isn’t that your disguise fools them. They want to see that you respect the measure of the community first.

THEN you can be all odd and sparky. You have manners. You are civil. Well then, now you can be eccentric too.

Especially in Steampunk, ‘have manners, will travel’ might be a good standard to carry.

Anyhoo… I point you to this interesting blog post about variety in form and shape of the Avatars of Second Life grid. A blogger asks, “Really, what is a normal shape? And “just talking about proportions and if mine actually work.” Artists have worked on the study of humanoid proportions for a long, long time. The blog post led somehow to a Flickr group where folks give a visual PLUS give the numbers per the SL sliders. So with a fast few clicks you can scan the variety of avatar shape expression. Mostly human flavored, of course.

What you like or don’t like about SL avatars is of no never mind to me or most of us.
What I enjoy is the differences.
What I admire is the whimsy.

Give me a study in deliberate choices that look interesting or comfy or bold.
So maybe enjoy “What’s Your Digits?”

But don’t go posting intellectual property, right?
Have a great day!

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