RFL Caledon: ‘time essential’ Airship Wreck Air Rally, April 23

(Friday 4.22.11) Due to untimely (get it, unTIMEly?) loss of the aether gear connecting me (drat windows) to Caledon, this event is POSTPONED. Stay tuned for UPDATES across the grid.

I am hosting a RFL event for the greater Steamlands on April 23, time scheduled to be 1 to 3pm SLT.

poster, Airship Wreck Rally

And what is a ‘Wreck Rally’ of airships? Well, we shall see how the event pans out. No plan survives contact with the SL Lag Beastie. Posters are available from me (1prim) and certainly if you IM me I would be glad to send you a full perm poster for getting the word out to the Grid.

From the notecard inside the poster:

Pilot Entry Fees ($L300) ((also send notecard as IMs will cap))
sent to Miss Darlingmonster Ember

The ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally is a whimsical event for the greater good of RFL and the entertainment of Caledon. All fees go to Team Caledon RFL. All builds and judging is by volunteers, please be patient with our volunteers.

Here is the ‘Time Essential’ nature of our daring contest.

1. racers go off in two minute increments (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
2. racers arrive Goal (must stop at marked phantom prim—-above target prim)
3. each Goal Judge records arrival time (will be compared to target script clock)
4. each racer ‘WRECKS’ part of their airship (edit vehicle for single prims, unlink piece, and then toggle unlinked prim to PHYSICAL) ((warning! Edit blue highlight prims only, never the yellow highlight root prim, please see notecard hints!))
5. Unlinked vehicle prim falls to target prim below stopped vehicle, bounces, and is
judged for closeness to bullseye (judge notes bonus)
6. racer zooms off to next Goal (Judge will supply SLURL for next Goal)
7. repeat to end of course (planned for 9 Goals)
8. vehicle times between judges are added
9. bonus for ‘wrecked parts’ is subtracted from total time
10. single bonus for most Creative WRECK (120 seconds!) at finale once all vehicles have arrived

Black Ribbons will be awarded for ‘posthumous gallantry in the air’ for Vehicles lost or sim crossing limbo’d

Gold Badge and Trophy Airship for First Place

Silver Badge for Second Place and Trophy Gadget

Bronze Badge for Third Place and Trophy Gadget

At the Racer’s discretion, scripted ‘smoke prims’ will be available starting at the second or third Goal. They can be attached to your vehicle in place of the Unlinked (Wrecked) Prims to create a more dazzling display of daring. This does not affect your ‘Time Essential’ standing in the Rally. However, it may influence the single bonus for most creative WRECK.

You may use your own ‘smoke prims’ and/or include sparks, Cavorite leaks, steam and ‘falling gears’ if you desire.

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Team Caledon for RFL events.

Donations by Spectators make us Very Glad and we send Grandmotherly Kisses in return.

All questions may be addressed to Miss Darlingmonster Ember, Dame Mischief, creator of the ‘Time Essential’ Airship Wreck Rally

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