daring denizens of the thin medium… New Babbage Regatta

Well, exhausting and exhilarating, we concluded the 3rd Annual New Babbage Airship Regatta this past weekend. Five DME Gadgets aerovessels were primed and ready to go, and two succeeded in placing for top awards, one was scrubbed at the last minute due to thin entries in the ‘Class C’ ornithopter event. Still having a design for each Class entry was a plus.

All the Steamlands turned out, so if was a much larger event than the previous two years. M Cleanslate notes,

This year’s Airship Regatta was a smashing success – just over two hours of back-to-back heats over the Vernian Deep, with more than twenty-five entrants and more than fifty spectators. The weather was moist, but not enough to affect navigation or buoyancy – to the great relief of our intrepid airship pilots and their air crews.

In addition, some variant DME aerovessels were run in the event by Miss Solace Fairlady. It is a pleasant occupation to be spectator at these events, and having some DME Gadgets product to admire from the stands was nice.

The course is quite fun, having a tricky vertical component in addition to some tight turning challenges. A mistake in a turn will find you into another sim and badly positioned to make up your time. The Class A Copper Delight specially tuned for the race was a disappointment this year, as it was very underpowered in the field and did not turn in a respectable time.

The Class B Copper Sting proved reliable and placed for award. I think I have an idea for improving this performance next year.

The Class C Copper Swan was glorious to fly and I really did not expect to be competitive with such a small engine craft. However due to lack of entries, I came in second. [laughs]

The Class X Diva won her first heat. Some awkward piloting by myself at the last heat prevented the Diva from giving a good run against some very impressive Class X craft.

The New Babbage stands were full of pilots and admirers from all over the Steamlands. This really is one of the best days you can spend if you admire the Steampunk Genre.

Note many quick Flickr shots below in the current airship queue.

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