progress and cat’s whiskers

So this is progress.

Not only have we heard nothing more from the Dame Sans Merci, that Fae culprit loose in Caledon for months using my form to plot against a number of citizens, but also Gordon has rescued Miss Palabra from some immense puzzle involving time in some future land.

Gordon is such a remarkable and tenacious fellow. And while he betrayed me with the Dame, I find no reason to fault him, for it all came to good end, just as he’d hoped. I have opened my home to them both (Gordon seems to once again have permanent employment with Miss Puddlegum) and until Miss Palabra is healthy and on her feet again, they will be houseguests at Port Caledon.

Miss Palabra is quite changed from her journey…which is true even for fae. Journeys are meant to change us. Her eyes are older; she has matured quite a bit. If I have any gift for these things– though she has been gone only a few months– I wager she is ten years older and no longer the ingénue she was.

To her benefit.

For one thing, arriving at the Blue Mermaid, her vivacity and clever dancing are nothing like I recall from our prior acquaintance. She has grown and bloomed and she’s not the constrained stiff beauty she was when first we met. The Blue Mermaid has the power to free Art from the Souls of any willing to cross the threshold. Certainly, Miss Puddlegum seems more than willing to let the magic take her and heal her spirit.

I think things will turn out well for Miss P and Gordon and expect once her new home is built, they will be settled in a wiser fashion. I look forward to hearing more about their adventures.

Upcoming, are preparations for the New Babbage Air Regatta. I’ve been in the shop working a bit each day, sometimes late into the night. Production problems have been solved (I’ve reconfigured the workshop’s Teslafold generator to a much improved efficiency, and I have a Goode Coolie clockwork man who, while simple of mechanical mind, is adept at doing rote weld work for me, leaving me free to get the engines just right while frames and hulls come together.) In short, I will show New Babbage something like four new aerocrafts this week.

Mr Kukulcan kindly and in generous spirit has sold to me his rights to a parcel near my workshop and I have expanded the shop to have an aerocourt for display and landing of aerocrafts. So there is a greater public space nearby the Warehouse 13 that houses many advantageous wonderful control panels and equipment. The fifty meter Deck Tug has been moved completely off the coast and masted to this new aerocourt. This will allow higher speed landings to take place in Port, adding to the few emergency landing pads for lighter airships.


I have quietly warned and explained to my Posgalon what may happen if the Dame returns to possess my mind again. I trust my Posgalon is sufficiently cagey and wild in her skills to give the Dame no particular ease of trespass.

Indeed, me thinks that with a bit of guile, we might turn the tables on Dame Sans Merci. Gordon never learned much of the Dame’s agenda. It would be good to do so.

It would be quite amusing if the Dame were not at all prepared for a darkly seductive counter to her occupation of my form.

Progress, indeed.

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