blessings of a solstice season, hopeful moon

Encrypted begins ::

This has been true for weeks, but putting it on paper has magic.

I have traveled far. I have loved often and well. I have too thrown myself from chalk cliffs into raging surf when a love discards me; my ways being not easily mixed with polite society and my temperament being —to be what I am and not what ‘nice ladies’ should be. Which is to say I do understand when the time comes for a lover to walk away from me, even as I find it so frustrating to my heart.

Always I return to the Infinite Sea, find a new world where I have no heartache, lay out a manner to study the new place and learn how to be well with myself again. Caledon, such a fertile land of imagination, I sing thy praises: nearly three years to learn how special I can be here.

I love the skies. I laugh with the tricky coastal waters and capricious currents. I admire the cheery witty Gentles of the land. I learn more of the Steamlands weekly under the social passport of Caledon’s flag.

Now with all this dread about being stalked and the discovery of a Fae opponent calling Duel on me…a Lover appears who is more than a soak tub and a few parties. A Lover, part-Fae and more Mortal, who does not require I hold my shape and polite manners behind closed doors.

I can be as dark in spirit and color as I wish. I can be as bright as a dragon’s laugh. I can even be tired or thin of spirit, a manner which I most dislike in myself!

Even on paper, behind a cipher, I shall not say more, except that if anything happens to me, the Court will ensure this cipher is broken and the Noble Code will be followed for me and mine. I claim all my Surviving works shared equal with my Posgalon.

[seal fixed here]


:: Encrypted ends

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3 thoughts on “blessings of a solstice season, hopeful moon

  1. Rhianon Jameson

    *silently cheers* :)

  2. Awww. /me smiles approvingly.

  3. SpinWeaver

    a lovely tribute — I celebrate for both of you!

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