so now that I can walk and converse at the same time….

So honest truth, it took me about two weeks to really comprehend the client interface….to be able to walk and converse with the Folks I met in SL and feel like I could manage.

Most of you probably did this in a matter of days.  I’ve been told the average is a week. And that’s not counting building or doing complex things like DEBUG your personal settings in Advanced Menu.

I’m not much of a tech person… but I like to tinker with things. And I can be stubborn.

However, SecondLife does not lend itself to fast, easy, fun. Does it?

At Oxbridge University last night, I attended a nice little seminar in which it was explained attrition of those signing up for SL is 90%.  Put another way, if you are reading this, you’re the 1 in 10 of the initial threshold of the first ten hours of SL.

If you’ve been in SL longer than a month and are having fun…what is the trick You know that the Lindens don’t? Because if the Lindens KNEW how to do fast, easy, fun… they’d have done it and put it before us in a silver platter.

You already know. You may or may not have already figured out that you know. Or you may be so busy doing— that you really haven’t looked over your shoulder at what fun you are having and analyzed it.

But look over your shoulder at the last four weeks.

Are you having fun?

What are you doing?

Do others seem to be having more fun than you?

What are They doing?

In addition to the class at Oxbridge last night, I’ve seen some questions and comments in the SL blogosphere dealing with ‘what are you doing?’.  I think fun in SL has been thin and is about to ramp up again.

But here’s my list for the last few weeks:

  • build rescue airship
  • critique above airship, decide to rebuild when I have a few hours
  • schedule two separate RP sessions with folks
  • attend one party every night (more or less)
  • unscheduled RP with several friends
  • photo contest (preparations, but may not enter)
  • photo experiments in various Caledon sims that are changing a lot
  • ad experiments for DME Gadgets
  • two SL hunts, one solo, one with friend
  • help fellow builder with scripting engines and propellers
  • attend a few rez day parties… planned or not
  • IMs from a dozen folks in four weeks
  • survive one sim crash
  • survive two vehicle crashes (yes, this is fun for me)
  • horn shopping with a pal
  • test drive giftie submarine
  • attend seminar Oxbridge (should have been asleep)

Feel free to share the Your fun in comments below.  What kinds of information would allow you to have MORE fun?

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One thought on “so now that I can walk and converse at the same time….

  1. What an interesting question you pose.

    I spend most of my in-world time participating in role play of some sort or another. My character is currently trapped and trying to hatch an escape plot whilst possibly planning to murder another character who has beaten up four other characters in the last month alone.

    I have also shopped quite a bit, and engaged in a few hunts. I follow a few SL blogs (obviously). I take a few photos (I love windlight settings). Generally speaking, though, my fun comes from interacting with other characters. Perhaps the 90% of new recruits were not fortunate enough to meet a bevy of interesting folks within their first few hours in SL.

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