…and there are always interesting complications.

Encrypted begins ::

I was out shopping for about twenty pounds of copper wire for the newer version of the Teslafold generator. At least, that’s the last thing I think I was doing. I recall chatting with a neighbor in Port Caledon and then making a translocation to a metal fabricator. I do not recall actually meeting the merchant or discussing copper.

Then I was on the cold cobbles on the street in front of my house staring at the sky.

The good: nothing seemed out of place with me. There were no innocents around. And it was the same day. And… I had a clear sense of the displacement… the wrongness of being in one place and then in another. No black out where the missing time was simply unknowable. So I’m thinking my improvements to the defenses in Port have helped me a lot and discombobulated my Stalker. Once I improve the Teslafold a bit… I should see even better results.

Thank goodness. Knowing when and where I’m having black outs is very helpful.

The bad: what happened in the few missing hours? What is my strategy to be? I still cannot get an inkling of who my opponent is. They are being depressingly clever about this war of nerves.

I need an impartial observer.

Which brings the next stroke of luck.

Passing by on the street, someone saw me pulling myself up from the cobbles. I’ve met M Gordon Soliel a number of times in social events at Caledon. A very creative and lovely young man, always dressed in the height of fashion for a young girl. M Soliel arrived and helped me orient as I dusted myself off.

Slightly the worse for wear, hardly even grimed, I invited young Soliel in for tea. We had a lovely chat. He was between positions and looking for work as a maid. The estates of M Plutonian had been discharged by the Court and M Soliel’s position was gone. What I did not realize quite was that this fellow was employed by M Plutonian for some time.

Even more astounding, as I thought such things Very Bad Form in Caledon, M Soliel had been made over by M Plutonian into a doll Construct, to be completely compelled to Service and Obedience.

In Victorian society, sometimes the lack of prying questions is not all together a good way to do social community. It seemed outrageous that the gentleman tiger could work such a change on a young man, rendering him so Very Feminine and Incapable of being Independent. Gordon was so very sad at his current state that he began to spill his heart. He needed to be Owned. Dolls must be played with.

I shivered to hear him say it so plainly. It chilled my blood.

Needless to say, a terrible story and it reminded me So Much of things as they can be done at Court. My heart went out to him. Sadly I had to explain: I am fiercely opposed to people being Owned. (Though I naturally did not explain just how much trouble I had gone through to quit the Court over such Choices and Dark Ownerships!! Caledon was all the more dear because I had strongly thought the Covenant prevented such abuses as Slavery of Spirit. More discreet study needed. I loathe missing these cultural clues in my adopted homeland.)

Gordon was distraught when I turned down his offer to maid for me.

The next surprise: he is very eloquent and charming. He spoke for quite a long time about his views, his service and Caledon in general. Pointing out a number of things about service and duties to those who trust his loyalty. I found myself unable to refute his logic or persuasions.

But the idea of owning someone, even if it turns out to be legal in Caledon…

He trumped my objections finally by pointing out that Dolls are objects not people. Constructs apparently do not have people rights in Caledon. I had been very mistaken about that. It was such a radical change in what I expected and believed. I really felt for him. Such a sad case.

Well, the least I could do was to offer him roof and occupation for a few weeks until he could find a situation. I only insisted he not talk about this ‘being owned’ with any of my guests or neighbors. He readily agreed and admitted the wisdom of my condition.

So for a few weeks at least, I’m perplexed to have a maid in residence.

Sigh. It will play hell with my love life.

But damn, he makes an amazing cup of tea.

:: Encrypted ends

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4 thoughts on “…and there are always interesting complications.

  1. Oooh. I do so love to hear about Gordon’s exploits. I wonder how the two of you will get along.

  2. Rhianon Jameson

    I shouldn’t worry about your love life. Servants are trained to be discreet. Or so I’ve heard… I’m a working stiff :)

  3. …and I thought I was a working stiff as well. Well, Gordon swears that you are quite correct and he has utmost discretion regards my ‘favorite visitors’.

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