the wheel turns, a year ends, winter in Caledon begins

Encrypted begins::

So we have the balance of good and ill from my recent efforts.

For the ill, I have not disentangled myself from this bondage. I cannot say who or what works against me, but I can clearly see the bonds on me now that I have worked a bit of magic with the Hallow’s Eve moon (as they call it here in Caledon.) Perhaps even worse, the Route back Home is closed now. I was forced to tap off the Art workings I had done to Open the Way to Caledon and they collapsed when I stole back that energy.

So for buying a bit more information and actual Sight of the Binding, I’ve trapped myself here.

In a sense, I do not mind at all. I have never felt more happy than here in Caledon. And if not ‘safe’ here with some Thing from Court against me, at least I am on familiar ground. There is the chance that my Opponent will have a harder time working on me with the Way closed.

I also have good to note. I am making some good progress with the Teslafold generator in storing energy I might make into a weapon to foul High Art used against me. At very least, I think to protect my factory and house from intrusion by blanketing the ground there with a charge from the generator.

This could backfire in a nasty way, if my Opponent is much more understanding of local science than I expect.

In other good news, I think some of the Dreamscape that I am remembering indicates my Opponent has not Bound my astral perceptions as tightly as my mundane ones. Perhaps the fact that I am part mortal gives me stronger Will in the Dreamlands?

We shall see.

::Encryption ends

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