simple things, flights of lindens

Encyphered Begins::
So I have been back to Court and confirmed a few things, no one there knows of new grudges against my Family. I’ve taken pains to keep the route I’m traveling to Caledon secret. It seems that whoever it is that is taunting me with this Greater Magic is not actually present in Caledon.

They are working from elsewhere. I can think of a few things that will make it harder for them to know what I might do to oppose this possession.

In the meantime, in close tracking of my time in Caledon, I’ve not experienced any further black outs. So I’m left wondering what the next move by my Opponent will be.

In the realm of daily Caledon things, the world turns to autumn and I’ve had minor successes in my merchant doings (even post-Steam Hunt, which draws a great traffic through Caledon, the vendor has been perky.) Whereas last year I might sell an aerocraft every two months, I have for a couple months now sold two a month. Having a clientele four times more interested in my work is a nice thing.

But for those who might consider such things as paying for tier, I offer this free view under the bonnet: I would have to sell 10 vehicles on average every month just to make tier on the Factory and break even. In short, vehicles are not a way to make money, they are a fun hobby.

Then again, if I were as serious and talented a merchant as Some in Caledon, I’d be seen at many fewer events and have my tools in hand day and night.

Projects ongoing: trying to track down a customer problem where Inventory once rezzed becomes ‘no copy/no mod’ once taken back into inventory. This has me seriously perplexed and at my wits end. Why would this happen? No one has presented this as an ongoing problem…but will it start cropping up everywhere? I consider it a necessary feature to my work that folks can customize to their own fantastic delight with my builds. This glitch will end that feature.

Answers unknown for now. My worry is that people do not really report such feedback. If something stops working, they just might say, ‘oh well’ and move on rather than telling me.


I shall send some free samples out and see if this horrid inventory issue strikes again.

Also, a fine lady of my acquaintance suggested that the RCAF needs a Sea Air Rescue aerocraft that might transport wounded or downed pilots. I have adapted a ‘brasscage prototype’ that was set aside in one corner of the Factory for added headroom and cots and nurse stations. Unlike many vehicles, this S.A.R. airship will carry five (2 injured, 2 medical personnel and one pilot.) I found some decent open source poses for the injured.

Now the engine settings need tuning to provide as steady a ride as possible.

Not entirely satisfied with the balloon design, but the ship must be small enough to maneuver between buildings, etc.

More later.
::Encyphered Ends

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One thought on “simple things, flights of lindens

  1. Rhianon Jameson

    I’ve encountered what may be the same the “no copy/mod” issue before. Miss Munro’s Expedition has that issue, and others do as well. I always thought it was a feature, and it never bothered me, as I could always copy then modify the original. The only thing to watch is not deleting the *original* when rationalizing one’s inventory by getting rid of copies that may have accumulated over time.

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