bother… and reconsidered and demmed

Encyphered Begins::

It is bad enough to awaken in a bubbly tub you do not remember drawing, because after all, lavender-scented bathing is one of the pure joys of Caledon tub ownership. My childhood friends would never stop laughing if they saw my bubble soap collection.

Then you notice some of your best evening clothes scattered about without regard, and rage that you spent two weekends on your inventory and someone has been in it making willy-nilly. I am not so very neat a body but I am a private person by tempering. All this had to stop. Immediately.

But how?  How to lay grip upon the Spirit responsible? 

Could I make traction with the coming of Samhain as I had made absolutely none at the moon of Lughnasadh? None of the Low Magics accessible here had given me purchase or hope of solution. Perhaps Llyr’s stone circle on a quiet eve to come?

More worrisome then, when the clock tells you that you are at early Monday morning and have certainly missed the closing ceremonies of the Fall Harvest Festival. Folk will notice that.

Insult added to growing rage: finding a gentleman’s fine frock coat draped over the best chair downstairs when coming back from the kitchen. Now we are beyond Bother and Discomposed. A simple spell determines that you KNOW the gentleman the coat belongs to and he is not just a passerby. Meaning plainly, you’ve been doing something with someone you KNOW and you do not know WHAT.

What has been said? What delicate balance is awry here? Who knows I am not myself?

And it is Caledon and I won’t put up with it a moment longer. I won’t have such a wonderful thing as this Land dragged into my past mistakes. No foolishness of vicious High Court nonsense here where it might hurt just about anyone, let alone some passing visitor. I must leave and fight this battle elsewhere.

But the dawn breaks outside my window and it is beautiful and achingly lovely. I climb the roof. The surf sobs and sways me before I even smell it. Scenting it is a soothing music to my entire inner firmament.

Leave? Leave Caledon? My first home of my own?


Finding the gentleman (!poor man!) transformed to a gilded koi in my fountain is Unseelie Declaration of Feud—making plain that the Spirit understands I will work to free myself and there is nothing I can do but suffer. Transformed! Worrisome… as that is High Magic rather than Low and is beyond me here.

So I’ve already lost? We shall see.

Caledon is full of surprises and I need allies. Must plan.

::Encyphered Ends

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2 thoughts on “bother… and reconsidered and demmed

  1. Oh, dear! Were you able to return the gentleman to his previous form, or is he doomed to remain a fish?

  2. Miss D Ember

    OOC: alas, I never was a good student of the High Arts when a child and in my travels, such things have either been Ridiculously Easy or Absolutely Awful depending on the locale I find myself in.

    Caledon falls to the side of Less Than Easy and I’ve not managed any magics of the High Arts here. I’ve assumed they were beyond the locale laws and the province of Great Practioners.

    The gent remains a koi.

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