oh dear… again.

Strange headaches plague me and this is beyond annoying. I suspect I am under some sort of attack I do not recognize. A court rival? Some of my mother’s enemies, no doubt, since I am not considered of consequence in that quarter from my own adventures.

I do not expect to make things better by journeying home and consulting Mother. Perhaps there is something or someone in Caledon that I can consult without revealing anything of my origins.

Unlikely as that may be.

In other news, I have constructed four aerocraft projects in last month. Very rewarding. One is a custom airship for the Boobiethon of the Steamlands. This is a charity three years running where events start in October. The ship will be available then in special vendors in Winterfell. Stay tuned.

One is an aerostrip modular for Port Caledon to re-open air traffic on M Kukulcan’s parcels. The module allows landing in a single 50m stretch or expansion with other modules. I have also put together an AeroTug for moving the 50m strips about in the sky.

One was custom work for the Duke of Perenelle for his !science! aerial platforms. A worthy project.

I have revisited several aerocrafts in my inventory. Tweaking the 1887 Munro Moewe to better fit my petite size. Enlarging the DME Dragonfly for ‘hat space’ for well dressed men.

I have also put the finishing touches (nearly so) on the entry for the Babbage Engineer’s Soot Ball. A fountain celebrating the Spirit of Cog. Pleased enough to set it out in Wheatstone, where to my surprise there were already three other fountains ready.  All over a week before the event!!

And the fourth project? More on that later.

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One thought on “oh dear… again.

  1. Goodness! You are quite the busy lady, Miss Ember!

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