Caledon keeps time

Strange as it may seem to most mortals, time is not terribly important.

Yes, it is a resource of limits. But then again, air is much more critical than time. Even water is more important. You see?

In the matter of adapting to Caledon, one must consider time. They have the most marvelous time keeping devices here. I will one day have my portrait done sitting on the hands of the Caledon Oxbridge clock. Fabulous!

I am used to covering my absences in Caledon with vague stories of my duties in other places or family business. Really, besides the dedication to paying upkeep on the Guv’ner’s tier, most people here are so kind and gentle that they never really question that I am not always about.

Perhaps it is the Time Lords that make them so accepting. But I’m not going to get distracted by that.

Instead I am going to note that in this culture, time is Significant. You must keep appointments (including being ever so prim about making sure everyone means the same things when you set the engagement.)  So far, my stay here has not tripped over this problem.

But my Mother has been difficult.  She seems to resent my establishing a home here.  She is a bit more savvy about this culture than I might like.  More on that later.  Mother requires her own chapter.

At any rate, I have been quite accomplished in managing time, even though it is a terribly foreign and irritating thing to fuss with.  So it comes as some surprise two years plus into this lovely stay that I find errors in timing cropping up.  Missing a tea with a friend, being late to a dance or finding that you have missed two days of a week.  These sorts of things are going to ruin the flavor of my idle here.

Must be more careful.  It probably has to do with travel from Caledon to the Realm and back again.  I must study the route again and make sure currents have not shifted.

Hi ho, the drudgery of tending to distant family.

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