business media, the first walk-in experience of SL

Just something to see to remind us all of how deeply immersed we are compared to a first timer.

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Relay For Life 2014, done and fabulous

So last year I posted that there were some very broken things about the symbol and expression of community in the Relay For Life track events of Second Life.

Sunday morning, finding many emails inviting me to come and look around RFL 2014, I popped into Caledon’s camp. I also walked the track and enjoyed the many builds. You may like to catch them now before they are taken down Wednesday, July 23.

On this early Sunday morning, I found a transformed experience that reminded me of the 2008 RFL. Only later Sunday, I learned that several changes had been made to the track rules that created the very civil and energetic place I remembered from 2008.

  • No laps beyond 30. (or your name disappears from the list)
  • No vehicles, no speed enhancements, this written into the information card handed out with the freebies.
  • Web record of everyone’s times and laps easily accessed from the main page, grouped in ‘three categories’ for easy community access.

Color me grateful and impressed. These changes restore my excitement about the event and the track community. While speed scripts have never been permitted, the abuse was rampant in 2013 and now, it is back down to only the most insensitive ‘ego avatars’.

Go see the builds. Marvel at the dedication. Donate $$$ to kick cancer’s ass.

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Second Life marketing, Sex and the Mainstream

Miss D Ember:

hey… enjoy those pixels and don’t let yourself be shamed or guilted by those who would censor your creative adventure!

Originally posted on Mona Eberhardt:

In my previous post, I discussed an attitude that tends to portray Second Life as a whole in a negative manner simply because there is a strong sexual side to it – what I have called the “X-rated smear of Second Life“. In that post, I touched upon the general culture that lies behind this attitude and targets mostly women, aiming to control and censor them. Today, I’m going to turn my attention more to the proponents of the “let’s appeal to the mainstream” line of argumentation, through the academia and its attitude towards SL that is largely driven by the same factor.

The Drax Files Radio Hour, Show #15. Image courtesy of Draxtor Despres.

The Drax Files Radio Hour, Show #15. Image courtesy of Draxtor Despres.

In the wake of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2014 Conference, the 15th installment of The Drax Files Radio Hour podcast was dedicated to the usage of virtual…

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Second Life Needs You!!

Your opinion matters more than ever! Think of one thing, whether a feature, fix, improvement or whatever, that you feel will achieve the following goals best and drop it in a comment on this post.

What will add the greatest value to existing users?
What will attract new users to Second Life?
What will improve profit margins for LL by encouraging spending among all its users? This can include anything from Premium signups to land sales to user-generated content sales.
What can do these things without breaking existing content and without requiring changes in LL policies?

Check out the Firestorm page for some interesting comments on the next couple years of SL.

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What makes a strong Second Life Community?

Miss D Ember:

and how do you spell community?

Originally posted on Prim Perfect:

We’ve been talking on this blog recently about the importance of communities in growing Second Life here and here – and it was an issue on the Designing Worlds show about Second Life retention.

We will be exploring the issue further with an interactive installation at the Second Life 11th Birthday Celebration – we are putting it together now!

Prim Perfect build at SL11B CC

Prim Perfect build at SL11B CC

What is important about Second Life? What keeps you logging in?

And we want to ask people … How should Second Life be advertised? What sort of demographic should it be reaching out to? What sort of training should Second Life offer? Should training be outsourced to resident groups?

And above all we want to ask – what is what does community mean to you? What type of a community would you like to live in? What does a community need to keep it…

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