Battle Balloons! This looks awesome!!

Oh gosh, how fun!!  Balloon combat!

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gallery of beauty and second life fantasy

Hullo there, Fantasy Fans…

Providing a link you should check out, the marvelous artwork and mad fashion skills of Duchess Flux from Second Life.

You will be amazed!

second life art from Duchess Flux

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airship builds… the rest of 1884 and whatever happened to 1882?

Hello there Steampunk fan,

Miss Ember here. Some limited number of airship aficionados might have hungered after the ‘Limited Edition 1882′ airships from DME Gadgets. I designed a bunch of them, got some of them into ‘boxed up ready status’ and lost interest in the airship market of SL.

And now 1884 is three quarters over. My bad.

Full disclosure: I sell approximately 1 airship every couple months. That’s fun. However, the public is not really clamoring for more. Hence, no sense of urgency. This does not mean I’m tearing down my workshop and leaving for warmer climes.

However, in the meantime, I did create the Electric Gull. It’s also fun.

Electric Gull flyover Iron Cloud

Electric Gull flyover Iron Cloud

So now I create as the muse strikes me. Last weekend she hit me when I was not looking. She’s sneaky like that. Soon, I’ll box and provide workshop space for a Sky Pounce flyer. You can see me testing the airship landing light in the image below. That “spiky mysterious flyer” to the left is the Sky Pounce.

Sky Pounce test of landing lights

Sky Pounce test of landing lights

Here’s the good news. Consider me a resource. If you want to build your own custom vision airship, chat me up about how you might do that. I’ll advise as I can. If you have no time for making your dream come true, but have cash to spend, point to something I’ve made and ask me for an estimate of a custom sparky creation with your own mad twist. I’ll try to accommodate.

That is all. Stay safe.

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business media, the first walk-in experience of SL

Just something to see to remind us all of how deeply immersed we are compared to a first timer.

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Relay For Life 2014, done and fabulous

So last year I posted that there were some very broken things about the symbol and expression of community in the Relay For Life track events of Second Life.

Sunday morning, finding many emails inviting me to come and look around RFL 2014, I popped into Caledon’s camp. I also walked the track and enjoyed the many builds. You may like to catch them now before they are taken down Wednesday, July 23.

On this early Sunday morning, I found a transformed experience that reminded me of the 2008 RFL. Only later Sunday, I learned that several changes had been made to the track rules that created the very civil and energetic place I remembered from 2008.

  • No laps beyond 30. (or your name disappears from the list)
  • No vehicles, no speed enhancements, this written into the information card handed out with the freebies.
  • Web record of everyone’s times and laps easily accessed from the main page, grouped in ‘three categories’ for easy community access.

Color me grateful and impressed. These changes restore my excitement about the event and the track community. While speed scripts have never been permitted, the abuse was rampant in 2013 and now, it is back down to only the most insensitive ‘ego avatars’.

Go see the builds. Marvel at the dedication. Donate $$$ to kick cancer’s ass.

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